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Security Center Release Notes 5.6 SR2

Security Center 5.6 SR2

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

Generic issues are categorized by solution. Unit specific issues are categorized by manufacturer and model.

For a list of supported hardware known issues and limitations in Security Center 5.6 SR2, see the GTAP Known Issues page. You’ll need a username and password to log on to GTAP.

Security Center 5.6 SR2 includes the following known issues.

Solution or unit Issue Description
Access 888681 After moving a Synergis™ unit from one Access Manager to another using the Move unit tool, the unit does not come back online.
Workaround: Make sure the new Access Manager uses the same discovery port as the unit, and manually change the Accepted Access Manager connections on the unit to the IP address on the new Access Manager.
Access 853025 If you delete a Door lock or Door sensor association in the Hardware tab of a door, these changes are not tracked in the Audit trails report.
Access 801850 With Synergis™ access control units, sometimes the interface module is displayed as offline, even though the child devices are online.
Access 784592 If a cardholder enters an area, and then their card is swiped outside of the area, they are still considered inside that area in the Time and attendance report.
NOTE: Make sure that the area is fully secured, meaning that people cannot enter or exit the area without swiping their card.
Access 365646 Mercury EP: On the Peripherals page of a controller, the number of synchronized credentials randomly disappears, such as after the Access Manager restarts.
Access 262293 Areas that inherit Access control rules from parent areas continue to have those rules take effect even if the parent area has all Access controls turned off.
Access 227614 HID Edge EVO EH400-K: Readers that use firmware version do not buzz when a door forced event is generated.
Access 211992 If you set up an event-to-action using a cardholder access denied event, some actions are triggered twice, such as Run a macro, Send an email, and Unlock door explicitly.
Access 160007 Global Cardholder Management: You cannot add more than 100 entities at a time on a partition.
Workaround: Export a list of all cardholders, then use the Import tool to move them to a different partition.
Access 150069 Active Directory: When you are importing credentials from an Active Directory, only the last credential format that is mapped is used.
ACTi 154935 ACM1100: Setting the Hue option in the camera’s Attributes tab in Config Tool has no effect on the unit.
All 889969 Windows 7, 8.1: If the Resilient connection option is enabled and the Federation™ role is disconnected from a federated Security Center Directory server that is using Windows version 7 or 8.1, the Federation™ role might not be displayed in a warning state.
All 804401 Maps: If you have many entities that are clustered on a map that is displayed on a single monitor, when you span the map across all the monitors some of the entities are no longer clustered.
All 797398 Maps: If you have imported large KML files that contain many KML objects, it might cause your system to be slow.
Workaround: If the size of your KML files are causing issues, store the files in a folder called KML in the Security Center installation folder on each workstation that uses maps, and then remove the KML files from the Map Manager configuration. The KML layers are then loaded from the local folder.
All 781950 Maps: When you are viewing federated maps in Security Desk, KML layers are not displayed.
All 548942 To view live or playback video from Security Center Mobile 4.0SR1, you must disable the "Use secure communication" on the Properties page of the Media Router role.
All 379423 Failover: After a Map Manager role fails over, maps that were created using images are blank.
All 370163 In the Hotlist and permit editor, if you configure a hotlist to use a remote file path, loading the hotlist will result in an "Invalid credentials" error.
All 366864 Maps: If the Maps task is included when performing task cycling, Security Desk might freeze.
All 263339 Security Desk: You can rename a federated camera's presets, patterns, and auxiliaries. However, this information is lost at the next Federation™ synchronization.
All 259409 Security Desk: Reports that cannot be filtered by Custom Fields are Access control unit events, Access rule configuration, Camera configuration, and I/O configuration.
All 235098 When a lot of alarms are triggered on the system, the alarm count reported in Security Desk might not be accurate.
Workaround: Log off and on again to see the correct alarm count.
All 234363 Macros: If a macro has errors, and you change tabs, it is rolled back to the last error free version.
All 167415 Pelco IBP, IMP: Multicast streaming is not supported.
Ampleye 130566 Ampleye Nox-20, Security Desk: When viewing live video that uses a high resolution, there is a delay and the video is not smooth.
Arecont 584113 Arecont AV8365DN, AV8185DN: Unit motion detection does not work when streams are set to H.264.
Axis 824875 Axis T8311 joystick: After you release the joystick, the PTZ motor continues to pan or tilt for about a minute.
Bosch 781116 When you are using SRTP encryption with Bosch units, the master key stream cannot be updated properly. As a result, you might not be able to view encrypted Bosch video streams in multicast.
Bosch 668843 Bosch VG5-7220: In the Video mode list of the Hardware tab of Config Tool, there are no high frame rate (60 fps) options available.
Workaround: Use the Installer Menu on the unit web page to configure the Max. frame rate as 60 fps.
Bosch 505537 When Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) units are configured to use the HTTP protocol, you cannot perform edge playback from the VRM.
Workaround: Configure the unit to use the Remote Control Protocol (RCP+).
Bosch 121958 Security Desk: Exporting video that was recorded on the Bosch VRM does not preserve Bosch watermarking.
Bosch 110326 NDC-284-PT: The 2596x1944 resolution does not work for an MJPEG stream.
Bosch 109266 NDC-274-PT: MJPEG stream resolution of 1920x1080 set in Config Tool produces a resolution of 1712x960.
Canon 154945 VB-M40, VB-M600VE, VB-M700F: You cannot watch H.264 video in multicast.
Workaround: Select Unicast, RTSP over TCP, or RTSP over HTTP, view the camera in the Live Viewer, and then change the network connection type to Multicast..
Cobham 139341 Cobham NETH264ENC-HD: If you set the unit mode to MPEG4 Dual SD and the streams to UDP Multicast in the unit web page, when you add the unit in Config Tool the streams might be corrupted.
Workaround: Delete the unit from Security Center, change the unit mode to H.264 in the unit web page, and then add the unit in Config Tool.
HID 976511 Backward compatibility: HID VertX V100,V200,V300 units appear offline when the Access Manager role is on an expansion server running Security Center 5.5 and the main server is running Security Center 5.6.
HID 945037 When Card and PIN is enabled for a reader, and the cardholder enters a valid pin but does not swipe their card, the event raised is Access Denied Unknown Credential. It should be Access Denied Invalid PIN Credential.
HID 201121 VertX EVO, Edge EVO: The Reactivation threshold value for zones is not respected.
Interlogix 209157 DVMRe Triplex: Cannot play back video that was recorded on the Auxiliary Archiver.
Interlogix 209053 DVMRe Triplex: Edge playback is not working.
ISD 133890 JBS-AF-1080P: Playback of a G64 file will freeze when using a speed of 6x or higher.
ISD 133670 JBS-AF-1080P: Cannot stream two multicast channels simultaneously in Security Desk.
ISD 131809 JBS-AF-1080P: Some of the supported resolutions listed on the unit’s web page are not available in Security Center.
ISD 131565 JBS-AF-1080P: Changing the IP address, Subnet, or Gateway does not work.
LPR 1000095 Backward compatibility: Thumbnails are missing for reads and hits reports generated from a 5.6 Security Deskclient machine that is connected to a Security Center5.4 or 5.5 system.
Workaround: Use a 5.4 Security Desk client machine to create reads and hits reports.
LPR 952306 Parking zone management: When a NOPLATE read that is not matched to a parking session is edited, no Unknown vehicle exited event is created.
LPR 795758 After moving a parking zone from one LPR Manager role to another, you cannot query old parking sessions and activities for the parking zone.
LPR 594453 After performing an update using the Updates page in the Config Tool LPR task, the status of an update might change from Installed to Waiting for status.
Workaround: Log off Config Tool then Log back on again to see the correct update status.
LPR 396367 Hotlists: When an LPR Manager role stops unexpectedly, the account used to access a hotlist files from it is locked out.
Workaround: Manually unlock the account.
LPR 370163 In the Hotlist and permit editor, if you configure a hotlist to use a remote file path, loading the hotlist will result in an "Invalid credentials" error.
LPR 270631 When you use a hotlist or permit entity that resides on a valid network file path, the text box containing this path might become red, indicating that the file cannot be found. This condition can be ignored unless the hotlist or permit entity turns yellow.
LPR 101641 Failover: If an LPR Manager role failover occurs, when the role reconnects, hits are not generated for a few seconds in the Monitoring task.
LPR 100876 Config Tool: The LPR Manager role status displays as online, even if the root folder path is incorrect.
Moxa 131508 MOXA VPort06: If you change the unit's IP address and restart the unit, the multicast stream no longer works.
Workaround: Restart the unit a second time.
Pelco 757595 Pelco IME129: The audio in and audio out options are disabled after adding the video unit in Security Center.
Samsung 744528 SNO-808IR: The video stream pixelates and freezes when the resolution is set to 2592 x1464 or 2592 x 1944.
Samsung 277890 Samsung SNP-3120P: Unit motion detection sensitivity and zone parameters cannot be configured by Config Tool.
Sentry 360 60643 Cameras using H.264 can produce large increases in bandwidth usage that result in video glitches.
Workaround: Install camera on a Gigabit network.
Sentry 360 59245 Camera might stop responding and require a power cycle to come back online.
Sony 156119 Sony SNC-HM662, firmware 1.1.0: AAC audio input on H.264 streams only emits low frequency sounds.
Sony 132988 Sony SNC-CX600W: Edge playback at a speed of 6X does not work properly.
Speco 343664 Sony SNC-HM662, firmware 1.1.0: AAC audio input on H.264 streams only emits low frequency sounds.
Speco 343644 Speco 02B5: Input pin state changes are not detected and Alarm in events are not displayed.
TEB 224558 TEB Digipryn: Unit is lost and memory usage increases when performing multiple connections and disconnections.
Video 798740 On a system configured with two NICs, the order of the NICs is not taken into account when redirecting streams. Instead, the closest endpoint connection is used.
Video 788862 In Config Tool, video is not redirected as expected when you select a Specific network from the Options dialog box.
Video 653485 When adding a video unit in Config Tool, the output state set on the unit web page is not pushed to Security Center if the default value is not being used.
Video 582417 Failover: When the Record metadata, Redundant Archiving, and Encryption options are enabled for an Archiver, an overlay stream might not play back on exported G64x files after a failover.
Video 581097 Security Desk: The External Hardware option for RFIdeas readers, Topaz signature pads, and Dymo card scanner does not work when running Security Desk as a 64-bit application.
Workaround: Run Security Desk in 32-bit. To do this, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec™ Security Center 5.5\SecurityDesk32.exe.
Video 547854 Maps: When viewing a fisheye camera in a map, the video cannot be dewarped.
Video 545811 Adding overlay to a camera while watching it in Security Desk generates the following warning:"Error validating security token : Invalid entity claim".
Workaround: To avoid getting in that state, add the overlay before requesting live stream.
Video 388990 Network detection: On large video surveillance systems, monitoring Routes in the System status task does not return any Detection capabilities or Status results.
Video 262179 Security Desk: When you drag and drop a playback sequence to a different tile and then select Switch to live, the PTZ commands are not available.
Video 244781 System status task: If an Archiver role is configured with a failover server, only the server hosting the role is reported as active in the task, not the one that is recording.
Video 234336 Archive transfer: When an archiver failover occurs while a transfer is in progress, the transfer status and details are incorrect and error messages are displayed.
Video 226247 When you use the Add network location button on the Archiver to add a local path, the Archiver is unable to delete the oldest files on that Archiver.
Video 126634 The failover of an Archiver role might take up to one minute. During that time, the Archiver role and its units appear in red. However, if the video units are streaming in multicast, and if the redundant archiving option is turned on, then there will be no loss of video recording during the failover.
VieVu 333122 When playing back an .avi file, the video will freeze if you move the cursor in the timeline.
Vivotek 368949 Vivotek IP9171-HP : You cannot view playback video that was recorded on the edge.
Workaround: View the playback from the unit’s web page.
Vivotek 365649 FD9371-EHTV, IP9171, IP9171-HP: When performing a factory reset, the Vivotek Application Development Platform required for the Genetec™ Protocol might be accidentally deleted.
Workaround: Reinstall the Vivotek Application Development Platform with firmware or later.
Web Client 937508 After upgrading Google Chrome to the latest version, you might not be able to connect to Security Center using the Web Client
Web Client 799625 If a threat level is active in Security Center and a Minimum user level is set, the user level restriction is not applied in Web Client.
Web Client 793868 You cannot view video from federated Omnicast™ 4.x cameras in Web Client.
Web Client 747956 Federated entities cannot be edited in Web Client.
Web Client 744849 To view video in Web Client, the Web Client role and the Media Gateway role must be hosted on the same machine.