Limitations in Security Center 5.6 SR2 - Security Center 5.6 SR2

Security Center Release Notes 5.6 SR2

Security Center 5.6 SR2

Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

Generic issues are categorized by solution. Unit specific issues are categorized by manufacturer and model.

Security Center 5.6 SR2 includes the following known limitations.

Solution or unit Issue Description
Access 697778 When you search for unused credentials in the Credential configuration report, credentials of federated cardholders are not included in the results.
Access 601549 It is not recommended to use cardholder or credential Expiration settings with Federation™ If the cardholder or credential expires at a federated site (for example, when using the Set expiration on first use option), the status of the cardholder or credential is not synchronized at the host site.
Access 546220 Global I/O: For a Security Center 5.5 federated server, the arm/disarm widget for I/O zones is enabled when the master unit is offline.
Access 506048 After modifying an assigned output behavior of an IO Zone, you need to perform a manual synchronization on the Master unit for the modified output behavior to be applied.
Access 474260 Config Tool: The access control unit stays in warning state (yellow) when the door interface is deleted before the door entity.
Access 396679 Zone: When you arm a zone and configure an Entry delay, only the first event and a Zone armed event are generated for the zone.
Access 282184 Nested areas: When deleting the child area in Config Tool, the doors that belonged to the deleted area appear under the parent area in the tree view but are not shown in the parent area properties.
Workaround: Before deleting the child area, you can drag the entities to the parent area or add them from the area properties.
Access 264771 If perimeter units of an area are managed by more than one Access Manager, multiple events are generated for the same warning. If no perimeter units are configured for an area, an "Entity Warning" event is received when the area state changes from "Running" to "Warning".
Access 262840 When you upgrade to Security Center 5.3 or later, all door properties that pertain to a Synergis™ appliance are replaced with the default values of the release you are upgrading to.
Access 241207 Forgiving an antipassback violation for the All cardholders group does not work.
Workaround: Use specific cardholder groups instead.
Access 238045 Access granted events can display "Unavailable information" in the description column for returning visitors.
Access 234495 Elevator outputs that are controlled by an HID unit do not change state on an “Access Granted” event when the Access Manager sends a database changeover command with Pre-Index to the unit.
Access 194341 In the Custom card format editor tool, the Sequence Generator cannot be used with UTF-8 Wiegand field type.
Workaround: Use a Hexadecimal or Decimal field type.
Access 184305 You cannot monitor live output states from the System status task.
Access 161161 Global Cardholder Management: If there are entities with the same GUID on the sharing host and sharing guest server, the Global Cardholder Synchronizer role does not synchronize.
Workaround: Delete the entity from the sharing guest site.
Access 154639 Active Directory: If you have multiple cardholders with the same credential PIN, and you set one of the PINs to inactive so you could import the cardholders, you will not receive access granted or access denied events in Security Desk.
Workaround: Make sure that you do not import multiple cardholders with the same PIN.
Access 153384 Access Manager: Under specific conditions, when a user presents his card on one side of the door, it is the reader on the other side of the door that flashes green. This behavior only occurs under the following conditions:
  • At least 2 cardholders with the same PIN, one of which is inactive.
  • One side of a door is configured as Card and PIN, the other side as Card or PIN.
  • The cardholder with the invalid PIN presents his card on the Card or PIN side of the door.
Access 153220 Security Center does not support Reactivation threshold settings for zones entities.
Access 153214 PIN credential active state is ignored when used with a CARD & PIN reader.
Access 153195 Modifying the members (doors, elevators, captive areas) of an area might disrupt the Time and attendance report of that area for a time range before the change.
Access 149745 If a visitor is attached to an incident report, when the visitor is checked-out they are removed from the report.
Access 149027 You cannot import both PINs and cards from a .csv file using the Import tool.
Workaround: Import the PINs and the cards separately using two .csv files.
Access 148382 Unless the supervisor is the administrator, their password cannot be empty, even though Active Directory users can have empty passwords.
Access 115855 If you import more than 5000 credentials and cardholders with pictures simultaneously using the Import tool, some credentials might not be associated with their cardholders anymore.
Access 96628 Security Desk: If you edit a visitor's credential in the Visitor management task, and then switch to the next visitor's details page without pressing the save button, your changes are still saved.
Access 83979 When generating an Enhanced cardholder access rights report, you can only select one filter for your query; you cannot combine filters.
Access 83840 When you export or print the Access rule configuration report, the Icon column is not included.
Access 79324 For doors that do not have a door monitor, if the cardholder is granted access but does not enter the area, the people count is still affected, and First person in or Last person in events could still be triggered.
Access 77794 A maximum of two Access Manager roles can be hosted on the same server. In this scenario, one Access Manager role must exclusively use the HID VertX extension, and the other Access Manager role must exclusively use the Genetec™ Synergis™ extension.
Access 71422 Multiple credentials might be requested for the same cardholder if the requests were created by users from different partitions.
Access 70694 You cannot synchronize with the Active Directory when a field contains a non-breaking space.
Access 70538 If an error occurs while synchronizing with an Active Directory and the synchronization pauses, the synchronization will not complete.
Access 70535 You cannot synchronize HID H10302 37-bit and HID H10304 37-bit credentials with an Active Directory if they are using the maximum values.
Access 69460 When you import a user or cardholder from an Active Directory and they are members of the Active Directory role’s partition by default, if you manually remove the partition membership from the entity, the partition is not re-added the next time you synchronize.
Access 57615 Denying a Global Cardholder Synchronizer role the “Modify credential information” privilege does not prevent its users on the sharing site from changing the shared PIN credentials.
Workaround: In the context of Global Cardholder Management, in order to prevent the sharing site users from modifying the shared PIN credentials, the Global Cardholder Synchronizer roles must be denied the “Add/delete credentials” privilege on the sharing host.
Access 51996 When the association between a credential and a badge template is changed at a remote site (in a roaming environment), this change is not updated at the central site.
ACTi 154959 KCM and TCM models: These units do not support using a multicast IP address outside the range of to
Advidia 177547 A-46: You cannot view live video from an MPEG-4 stream.
Advidia 177545 A-46: You cannot view the live stream when the Connection type is set to multicast in the Network settings.
Workaround: Under Network settings, beside Multicast address, enter the following address:
All 750320 Maps: If you are using the Security Desk on a remote desktop, ESRI ArcGIS maps might cause Security Desk to freeze.
Workaround: Disable hardware acceleration for Security Desk, by starting Security Desk from the command prompt using SecurityDesk.exe -nohwa as the command line.
All 747939 Maps: You cannot view federated maps that were created using an ESRI map provider in Security Desk.
All 743511 Network routes are not created for federated networks.
All 549272 Audit trails are not logged when changing values in the Hardware tab of the Synergis™ Unit in Config Tool.
All 385441 If the system's video card has more than 4GB of memory, the Hardware information dialog box does not display the correct amount of memory.
All 379423 Failover: After a Map Manager role fails over, maps that were created using images are blank.
All 279232 Diagnostic Data Collection Tool: Performance counters are not installed on Windows XP/2003 32 bit computers.
All 263573 When you have an archive viewing limit defined in Security Center 5.3, the same limit is defined if and only if you log in to Security Desk 5.3. Archive viewing is not limited to you if you log in to Security Desk 5.2.
All 262129 A user can have enough privileges to delete an action without having enough privileges to modify that action.
All 260123 A Normal Zone event is not triggered when the input is changed from Trouble to Normal.
All 260106 An Active Zone event is triggered within a reactivation threshold time frame. The Active Zone event should be triggered only after the reactivation threshold expires.
All 244441 Security Desk: If a public or private task is opened and you save your workspace when another task is active, when you log in again, the active task is the public or private task, not the task that was active when you saved.
All 241800 Security Desk: The message "An error occurred while processing entity's past events" is displayed when opening Security Desk while several cameras are monitored.
All 235040 List of available partitions to which a user can be added depends on whether Partitions is expanded in the Relationships section of the Identity tab.
All 234359 Directory failover: Directory sometimes connects to a secondary database even though the Automatically reconnect to master database option is selected in the Database failover tab.
All 234304 Incidents report: Custom incident fields don't always update correctly after being modified.
Workaround: Regenerate the report.
All 219222 When using remote Security Desk, Auto-locking your workstation might disable remote monitoring.
All 217061 Running Skype under Windows 8.1 prevents Server Admin from running, thus blocking the Security Center installation.
Workaround: Do one of the following:
  • Close Skype before starting Security Center installation.
  • Specify a different Web server port (default=80) during installation.
All 212894 If the primary server is a slower machine than the next available standby server, the Directory role does not failover to the standby server correctly.
Workaround: Adjust the failover timer on the standby server. To do this:
  1. Open the GeneralSettings.gconfig file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec Security Center 5.3\ConfigurationFiles.
  2. Add the following line: <FailoverSettings WaitForLeaderTimeout="00:01:00" PositionTimeoutIncrement="00:00:30"/>
All 208375 You cannot attach more than four entities for the Display an entity in the Security Desk action; only a maximum of four entities get displayed in Security Desk.
All 205349 For computers that have Security Center Client installed and are using real-time overclocking (turbo boost mode), the CPU meter does not accurately display the CPU of your computer.
All 200589 Migration: After migrating, your cameras are not displayed in the same tiles in Security Center as they were in Omnicast™.
All 174862 When a playback source such as an Archiver is removed while Security Desk is running, you might experience problems playing back archived video.
Workaround: Log off from Security Desk and Log back in.
All 171207 RabbitMQ is not detected as a prerequisite after being manually uninstalled. Rabbit MQ and Erlang libraries are automatically installed by the Security Center 5.3 InstallShield. When you uninstall Security Center 5.3 they are not automatically removed. You can remove them manually, but if you plan on reinstalling Security Center 5.3 at a later time, uninstall Erlang first and then RabbitMQ. Otherwise, when you reinstall Security Center 5.3 the InstallShield does not detect that RabbitMQ is missing and will not install it.
All 156797 Config Tool: For languages written from right to left, such as Arabic and Persian, the user interface of some tools and configuration tabs in the Config Tool has not been inverted.
All 153252 Scheduled task with "On startup" recurrence property might not run on startup. To avoid this problem, limit the "On startup" tasks to "Execute a macro" actions.
All 153228 Security Desk keyboard shortcuts cannot be used (such as space to acknowledge an alarm) when the focus is on a tile displaying a map.
All 153225 Database backups cannot be purged when the database server is not on the same computer as the server application (Security Center Directory or Synergis™ Access Manager).
All 153223 Time zone abbreviations are not supported in the printed reports.
All 153222 Omnicast™ 4 alarm priorities are not converted when federated in the Security Center. All federated Omnicast™ alarms have a priority of 1.
All 153221 The status of a device (camera or door) shown in a XAML map is not updated on the map when the device goes temporarily offline (red) and back online:
Workaround: Remove the map from the canvas and drag it back to the canvas.
All 142540 Directory Failover: For Directory failover to work, all Directory servers must use the same software version (X.Y) and service release (SRx).
All 108161 The diagnostic tool reports an error when diagnosing a camera that uses HTTPS.
All 102141 If you forward an active alarm with a message to a user who is logged off, when that user logs on they will receive the alarm, but not the message.
All 101198 Windows Server 2012: After you install Security Center, the Server Admin application is not available from the Windows Start menu.
Workaround: To open Server Admin, type the following URL into your Web browser: http://localhost/Genetec.
NOTE: This issue is not present for Windows Server 2012 R2.
All 100973 You cannot copy configuration settings to imported Active Directory user groups using the Copy configuration tool. Even though you receive a Copy process completed message, the configuration is not copied.
All 84032 When generating an Audit trails report, the only information you are given about threat level configuration changes is if the threat level was added, deleted, or modified.
All 67452 If an alarm is triggered with a source condition and is forwarded to a Security Desk that has a version older than 5.2 installed, when the alarm is acknowledged, the alarm only appears as acknowledged on the forwarded workstation when Security Desk is restarted.
All 56703 Security Desk: Not all query filters in reporting tasks are updated live when the system configuration changes, such as when new custom fields or custom events are added.
Workaround: To view the new query filter options, delete the task and recreate it.
American Dynamics 296381 ADCi800-D021: When the connection type is set to Multicast, live audio input for the Microphone does not work.
American Dynamics 279304 American Dynamics ADVEIPSD35N goes offline when you request a video and the connection type is configured to multicast.
American Dynamics 217800 American Dynamics Illustra 610: Changing the resolution on any video stream causes the unit to reboot.
American Dynamics 154963 Changing the resolution or video data format restarts both video streams and there is a 35 second delay before live streaming resumes. As a result, Boost quality is not supported, and Video quality settings on a schedule are affected.
American Dynamics 151646 American Dynamics Illustra 400: The MJPEG live stream can only use a frame rate of 7 fps or higher.
Aperio 540376 Passage Mode (double-swipe): Passage mode does not work if the door is configured to relock on close.
Arecont 791328 When you add Arecont video units in Security Center, the lightning frequency value is changed to 60 Hz.
Workaround: After the unit is added, change the frequency value in Config Tool.
Arecont 400132 Arecont AV5585PM unit shows transmission lost errors when its cameras are frequently disconnected during Security Desk task cycling.
Arecont 154961 AV20365DN: The Brightness specified in the Color tab for channel 1 is applied to all four channels.
Workaround: Clear the Equalize Brightness option in the unit’s web page.
Arecont 123948 Arecont AV12186DN: After enrolling the unit in Security Center, two of the video streams are displayed upside down in Security Desk.
Axis 913792 P3707-PE: If you are using the AXIS Video Motion Detection (VMD) 3.x application for on-unit motion detection and motion zones are configured, when you rotate the video image the video unit goes offline.
Axis 573154 Axis P3707-PE: Playing back video recorded on the edge does not work well when you fast forward, rewind, or seek to a specific time.
Axis 342725 When performing edge recording, edge playback, or archive transfer (video trickling), you must use firmware 5.50 or higher.
Axis 341115 Frame rate might be slower than expected when using RTSP over TCP or RTSP over HTTP in MJPEG.
Axis 154966 Q6034-C: When streaming video at high resolutions, the video might freeze or you might see artifacts when there is fast movement in front of the camera. This also might happen when controlling the PTZ.
Axis 154936 There might be a time delay when receiving data from a device’s serial port.
Axis 133664 Axis Q7436: When using an H.264 custom format, frame rates higher than 30 fps are not respected and the keyframe interval might not be correct either.
Axis 103089 M3006-V: Setting the Image Rotation to 90 or 270 on the Hardware tab for an H.264 stream causes frame rates to drop.
Axis 100977 M3007-P/PV: Streaming at more than 12 frames per second is not supported. It is also recommended to use only two streams at a time, and to disable unit motion detection for streams that aren’t using it.
Axis 96200 Windows 7 and later: Axis 292 units cannot be added to the Archiver.
Bosch 758066 Bosch VG5 units: Video analytics events are not received in Security Center.
Bosch 674379 Bosch: On the Properties page in Config Tool, changing the Discovery port of a unit causes the unit to go offline.
Workaround: Right-click on the unit and add it again using the new discovery port.
Bosch 352095 When you move a Bosch unit from one Archiver to another, the Bosch extension is not removed from the original Archiver.
NOTE: Delete the Bosch extension manually from the Archiver.
Bosch 268911 Bosch NIN-70122: Dewarping is not supported for edge playback.
Bosch 252241 Smooth reverse playback is not supported with Bosch MPEG-2 devices.
Bosch 240694 Bosch VIP XD: When you drag and drop an analog camera sequence into an analog monitor, only the name of the first camera appears in the sequence. Subsequent camera names are not displayed.
Bosch 216420 Bosch VIP X16 XF E: The Config Tool settings for the MJPEG video stream are ignored by the unit.
Bosch 202229 When configuring the discovery port for a unit or extension, port 1900 is not supported.
Workaround: Use a Telnet session to reconfigure the discovery port.
Bosch 185163 VRM: Trickling or playing back audio is not currently supported.
Bosch 173635 XDXF Decoder: When playing a sequence in an analog monitor, the transition between cameras is not smooth.
Bosch 154954 X20XF-E, X40XF-E, X1600-XFM4: The Bit rate setting in Config Tool has no effect on the unit.
Workaround: Use the Maximum bit rate setting to configure the bit rate.
Bosch 154953 If the Connection type is set to "Best available", the video might freeze during a camera sequence transition. Also, the camera sequences might not resume if they have been paused for more than 15 seconds.
Workaround: From the Connection type between Unit and Archiver drop-down list in the Analog monitor Network tab, select Unicast UDP.
Bosch 154950 You cannot query a video sequence if the camera is password-protected.
Bosch 154948 Flexidome NDN-498-P: Switching the Video data format or Resolution in MJPEG does not work.
Bosch 109469 Bosch NDC-274-PT: Region of Interest (ROI) is lost after rebooting the unit.
Bosch 107666 Bosch Region of interest (ROI): Unit motion detection applies to entire zone captured by the camera instead of within the ROI area.
  • Use software motion detection.
  • Use the first stream to create the motion detection zone.
Bosch 103836 Bosch NWC-0455: Video resolution set on the Video tab of Config tool does not match the resolution displayed in the Live video window of Security Desk.
Bosch 76282 Bosch MPEG2 units: G64-to-ASF conversion takes longer on Security Center than on Omnicast™.
Canon 104842 VB-H41: Streaming multiple MJPEG streams might cause Waiting for signal error or corrupted video in Security Desk.
Coldstore 259583 Coldstore: Archives transferred to an Archiver where a Video Mover is installed, won't be moved, if no camera is associated with them.
Dahua 244612 CBR and VBR bitrate modes are configurable on the Dahua unit, but Security Center assumes the bitrate should be replaced by image quality. Genetec Inc. cannot correct this problem without adversely affecting previously affected Dahua cameras.
Dahua 244558 The rewind function is not available during a unit playback. It generates a "No data available" message and playback stops.
Dahua 244446 The Dahua DVR The driver is unable to identify the DVR device product type, or model name, from the Dahua SDK.
Digipryn 262603 The maximum number of Digipryn units is limited to 50 per Archiver. The maximum number of simultaneous streams is limited to 100 per Archiver, regardless of the number of Digipryn units attached to this Archiver.
DMP 281217 Trouble messages on armed areas result in incorrect state after disarming the area in alarm.
Workaround: Do not use trouble messages in "Armed Open" or "Armed Short" input states.
DMP 185312 DMP control panel: You cannot delay arming of a panel using the Security Desk widget.
Workaround: Arm the intrusion detection area instantly by clicking Master arm in the Intrusion detection area widget.
DMP 175206 DMP: Duress events are not displayed in Security Desk.
DSC 121718 When you change the entity name of a DSC unit, the name change is not reflected in any associated partitions and zones.
Workaround: Delete and recreate the unit with a new name.
Dynacolor 501799 Dynacolor Z4SA-D video units have one input pin. When added to Security Center, the system shows 16 input pins for the camera.
Euklis 254090 Dewarping: Without a direct connection (same subnet) from the Config Tool to the camera, the dewarping lenses cannot be configured.
Euklis 170471 KLIS 360-5M-IR: There is a delay of up to ten seconds when viewing a dewarped image in Security Desk.
HID 890066 Edge EVO: If the configured Door relock after opening time is greater than the Grant time. The Door relock after opening is not respected.
HID 889123 VertX EVO units, Edge EVO EH400: If the reader setting of a door is configured as Use card and PIN and the settings are synchronized with the unit, then if you present your card at the reader but do not enter a PIN, the timeout event is not received in Security Desk.
HID 875893 Legacy controllers: Firmware and earlier have a memory leak issue that occurs during synchronization that might cause the synchronization to fail and the controller to reboot.
HID 875891 If you use the Unit Firmware Update tool to upgrade a unit that has Secure mode disabled, then the unit will go offline after the upgrade.
Workaround: For EVO units, issue the firmware upgrade from Config Tool. For legacy units, log on to the unit's webpage after the firmware upgrade, and manually enable FTP and Telnet capabilities.
HID 875885 HID Edge and VertX controllers have a vulnerability that allows someone logged on as the root user to execute code remotely. The vulnerability could be exploited using the controller's UDP discovery service to inject commands into the controller, which compromises the controller's security. Authentication is not required to exploit this vulnerability. For more information, see the Knowledge Base article KBA01448.
HID 875884 Firmware for VertX EVO and for Edge EVO are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. This vulnerability has been fixed in version and later.
HID 875883 You cannot downgrade the firmware of an HID unit after upgrading it to for Edge EVO, or to for VertX EVO.
HID 349528 HID: Antipassback using HID controllers will only work if the cardholder has one credential. If the cardholder has more than one credential the unit will manage them individually.
HID 204539 VertX V2000: If the Reader buzzer behavior of a door is set to Suppressed when door closes and a Door forced open event is generated, the reader beeps once.
HID 204531 VertX V2000: If the Reader buzzer behavior of a door is set to Suppressed when door closes and a Door forced open event is generated, the reader starts buzzing but the LEDs do not start blinking.
HID 201163 If the Time to ignore REX after door closes value is set to 0, the door still unlocks if the REX is activated, and the event is not shown in Security Desk.
HID 201155 Edge EVO: The Door relock setting is not respected.
Workaround: For Edge EVO units, the Door relock value must be lower than the Standard grant time for the door.
HID 153211 Elevator control: Configuring an exception to unlock schedule (controlled access) on a floor without a corresponding unlock schedule (free access) might cause the VertX controller to stop sending events to the Access Manager.
HID 151645 HID Edge EVO EH400: After enrolling a standalone Edge EVO EH400 controller, two ghost readers appear in Config Tool.
HID 96527 HID VertX: If the wire of a 4-state supervised input is physically cut or shortened, then the Input state field in the Peripherals tab in Config Tool is always set to Trouble (open circuit).
HID 79154 For HID VertX units, the Access manager role only supports entry detection when the access controller is online. When the access controller is offline, every Access granted event is associated with an Entry assumed event, even if the cardholder did not enter the area.
HID 57119 You must stop the Access Manager before starting a unit swap operation in the Config Tool. After the swap is completed, the Access Manager can be restarted.
HID 57118 The HID Edge device (EdgeReader or EdgePlus) can only be used to control a single door. You cannot use two HID Edge devices to configure a door with two readers. The supported configuration for an Edge device is a card-in/REX-out door.
HID 57116 The HID VertX V1000 inputs and outputs cannot be used for the following purposes:
  • A door REX, door sensor, door lock
  • Elevator control or floor tracking
  • Interlock, including the override or lockdown functions
  • Readerless door
  • IO linking (Zone)
  • Door buzzer
HID 57115 Battery fail inputs: If the VertX V1000 Battery Fail input is used to monitor battery failure, then the Battery Fail inputs on all interface modules (V100, V200, V300) controlled by the V1000 must only be used for monitoring battery failure. Similarly, if the V1000 Battery Fail is used as a general purpose input, the Battery Fail interface modules must only be used for general purpose inputs.
HID 57114 AC fail inputs: If the VertX V1000 AC Fail input is used to monitor AC, then the AC Fail inputs on all interface modules (V100, V200, V300) controlled by the V1000 must only be used for monitoring AC. Similarly, if the V1000 AC Fail is used as a general purpose input, the AC Fail interface modules must only be used for general purpose inputs.
HID 57113 When a Door unlock schedule override is removed, there is a delay of 40 seconds before the door’s unit is fully programmed.
HID 57112 Unit discovery does not show the new name you give to a unit (in the unit, Identities tab) until the unit is rebooted or its power is cycled.
HID 56493 HID VertX V1000: On the first attempt, Security Center might not be able to add a VertX V1000 unit ( The first time you try to add a VertX V1000 ( to Security Center, an error appears. Security Center will then reboot the unit. After the unit is rebooted, the second time you try to add the unit, Security Center is able to add the unit to the system.
Honeywell 355279 Honeywell access control panels are labeled as Mercury panels in Security Center.
Honeywell 57921 The Intrusion detection area input trouble event does not report which input triggered the event.
Honeywell 57661 The Galaxy Dimension control panel does not respond well to multiple input triggers that occur within one second of each other. As a result, you might lose your connection to Security Center.
Workaround: Don’t trigger more than one input at a time.
Honeywell 57517 Clicking the buttons on the intrusion detection area widget might have no effect, depending on your control panel input configuration. For more information about configuring input functions, see the Honeywell Galaxy Dimension Installer Manual.
Honeywell 57492 The Intrusion Manager role cannot report the Entry delay started control panel event.
Honeywell 57491 When an expansion module is connected or disconnected from the Galaxy Dimension panel, you are not notified of the corresponding input and output states in Security Center.
Honeywell 57485 Security Center does not support the Galaxy configuration “Re-ordering of the on-board RIO, SW3, dip-switch 8”.
Honeywell 57484 Offline logs are not supported.
Honeywell 57040 For some input functions such as "Final" and "Intruder", the Galaxy Dimension control panel does not send notifications to Security Center when the input state changes from "Normal" to "Active". Therefore, these inputs should not be used for virtual zones. Please note that not all inputs functions have been tested, there might be others that behave in the same manner.
Honeywell 56828 Delay Arming (master or perimeter) is not supported.
Honeywell 56703 When you create custom events for intrusion detection panels, the event list for many reports is not updated properly.
Workaround: Delete the task and create a new task.
Honeywell 55922 If an input is triggered from Security Center (from triggered intrusion alarm or the heartbeat monitoring feature), the input settings are overwritten with the values configured in Security Center.
Workaround: Make sure the input configuration is the same in Security Center as on the control panel.
Intelbras 279341 Because of the long configuration time of the Intelbras HDCVI 1016 (5 minutes), the entity enters a "transmission loss" warning state when requesting video for the first time.
Intelbras 193064 VD 5016: Viewing multiple live streams in Security Desk does not work.
Interlogix 57661 The Galaxy Dimension control panel does not respond well to multiple input triggers that occur within one second of each other. As a result, you might lose your connection to Security Center.
Workaround: Don’t trigger more than one input at a time.
Interlogix 55922 If an input is triggered from Security Center (from triggered intrusion alarm or the heartbeat monitoring feature), the input settings are overwritten with the values configured in Security Center.
Workaround: Make sure the input configuration is the same in Security Center as on the control panel.
LPR 958943 Parking Management: When an entrance read is incorrect and does not match the exit read, editing the entrance read to match the exit read will not complete the parking session. The session remains open until the maximum session time is reached.
LPR 893909 The Report Manager role has a default timeout value of six minutes, which is problematic for LPR reports that take over six minutes to complete.
Workaround: Change the timeout value of the Report Manger role:
  1. Open the GeneralSettings.gconfig file in the configuration folder with a text editor.

    The default configuration folder is found under the Security Center installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec Security Center 5.6\ConfigurationFiles).

  2. Increase the <ReportGeneration Timeout="timeoutInMs" /> value.

    For example, if you want a twenty minute timeout value, enter <ReportGeneration Timeout="1200000" />.

LPR 900273 If a Sharp camera is deleted while the LPR Manager role is offline, the associated fusion stream information and protected data is not deleted with the Sharp camera.
Workaround: Do not delete a Sharp camera while the LPR Manager role is offline.
LPR 800458 You cannot assign a hotlist to multiple parking zones if they are managed by different LPR Manager roles.
LPR 726177 The Hotlist changed event is not generated for hotlists that are only assigned to a Genetec Patroller™. The hotlist must be assigned to an LPR Manager role.
LPR 372523 In the Monitoring task, when viewing in map mode, switching between maps clears the list of events.
LPR 372151 In Security Desk's Maps task or in Config Tool's Map designer, if you unselect a layer that shows reads from a fixed Sharp camera, new reads are still displayed on the map.
Workaround: To stop new reads from being displayed on the map, you can right-click the Sharp camera in the Maps task and select Hide events. Alternatively, you can block all license plate reads by selecting Options > Events and clearing the License plate read checkbox.
LPR 333734 When a failover occurs, the LPR role does not reconnect with Fixed Sharps if the Sharps are configured with the "force reconnect" option.
LPR 276391 Hotlist Editor: You cannot search values in any date or time field.
LPR 259095 When performing a Reads/hits per day report on federated entities from a 5.2 system, using the During the last option to specify a time range in days does not work. The report is missing the reads and hits for the last day.
Workaround: Under Time range use the Specific date option, or add an extra day if you want to use the During the last option.
LPR 258387 MLPI: License plate reads that are saved as XML files by the Genetec.LicensePlateManagement.MLPI.SmartDevice.exe do not apply the same formatting as the ReadTemplate.xml in the Security Center installation package.
LPR 257122 When the LPR Manager role comes back online after losing connection with Security Center, the Fixed Sharp immediately sends stored potential hits before the LPR role has had a chance to parse all associated hotlists. Therefore some hits might be missed.
LPR 156796 While upgrading Security Center from 4.0 to 5.0, the server and database used in 4.0 are not automatically reassigned to the LPR Manager role in 5.0.
Workaround: You need to reassign the resources manually in the Config Tool.
LPR 156795 LPR manager database cleanup begins when the LPR Manager database table reaches 20,000 reads. Previously, the LPR Manager database cleanup did not start until the database table reached 100,0000 reads. If using SQL 2008 Express, the database could not reach 100,000 reads before reaching the 4 GB limit in SQL Express.
LPR 156794 Security Desk - The timestamp associated to a hit does not correspond to the time the hit was raised, but the time the patrolling officer took action on the hit (Accepted, Rejected, or Not enforced).
LPR 156793 Inventory management task and Inventory report tasks in the Security Desk use a lot of memory. To avoid performance issues while running a query on a large parking facility inventory (40K places or more), it is recommended to delete all tasks unrelated to MLPI from your task list before launching the query.
LPR 156792 AutoVu™ LPR: While parsing hotlist or permit data files, parsing errors such as the use of wrong delimiter characters, are not indicated.
LPR 94758 MLPI: The local time on the handheld computer is not synchronized with the server, which might cause issues. For example, if the LPR Manager receives an XML read to be imported, but the read has a future timestamp, the read is ignored.
Maps 933287 Backward compatibility: When a Security Desk client machine is running Security Center 5.5 but is connected to a 5.6 server, you cannot view an Esri map in a tile.
Moxa 219200 When the Moxa Vport 36 camera is configured for multicast streaming, the camera might lose the connection with Security Center if the stream is started and stopped many times.
Panasonic 240890 The Panasonic WV-SNF310J does not support peripherals, such as audio and I/O, whereas the WV-SNF310 does. When WV-SNF310J is added to Security Center, the peripherals are present, but they do not function.
Panasonic 177466 The Sensitivity option for motion detection is not supported for Panasonic cameras.
Panasonic 157051 Panasonic WV-SFV631L: The resolution values for JPEG streams that are available in Config Tool are limited to the values that are set in the unit's web page.
Panasonic 154965 Panasonic units do not support the MJPEG format for video trickling.
Panasonic 147206 Panasonic WV-SC588: Playback video that was recorded on the unit’s Security Desk card cannot be retrieved in Security Center.
Workaround: Record video on the Archiver; do not use edge recording.
Panasonic 103777 Panasonic units do not support edge playback requests or trickling for MJPEG video.
Panasonic 103519 WV-SP306: Audio output is not in sync with the video.
Workaround: Workaround: Perform a factory reset on the unit's web page, reassign the IP address of the unit, then add the unit again in Config Tool.
Pelco 541386 IMM12027: Panorama images are distorted when a fast moving object covers all four cameras at the same time.
Workaround: Clear the "Camera 1" monitoring tile and start a new monitoring session in the same tile.
Pelco 374430 Pelco Spectra Enhanced D6230: Camera randomly goes offline, and might not appear after it's enrolled in Config Tool.
Pelco 240102 The "Max zoom factor" is limited to 200 in Config Tool even though the camera can support higher values.
Workaround: Click 'Calibrate' to obtain a higher zoom factor. The value will be displayed in red in Config Tool because it exceeds 200, however you will be able to zoom to that value.
Pelco 219337 Pelco: Disconnecting a camera from the Pelco NET5504 encoder will not trigger 'Signal lost' events.
Pelco 107622 Pelco Sarix Spectra HD D5220: The Auto Iris command in the Specific commands of the Security Desk PTZ widget does not change the brightness.
Pelco 107449 Sarix Spectra HD D5220: Setting the Frame rate to 1fps on the Video tab causes intermittent image loss.
Pelco 88072 When you add Pelco cameras or change their configuration in Security Center, you might receive a Transmission lost warning while the configuration is pushed to the camera.
Pelco 40540 Pelco TXB-N: Key frame interval not applied when Archiver Video Quality is set to Custom.
Samsung 744585 Samsung SNO-8081R: The unit cannot stream video at 60 FPS in Security Center if the SSDR option is ON in the unit web page.
Samsung 744231 SNO-818IR: If you are using Multicast as the Connection type for the microphone, audio does not work.
Workaround: Make sure that multicast for audio is enabled on the unit web page for the Mobile profile.
Samsung 508634 Samsung SRM-872: You can only view a maximum two edge playback video streams simultaneously.
Samsung 507334 Samsung: Performing an Archive transfer sometimes fails unexpectedly.
Samsung 505978 SRM-872: Audio out is not supported.
Samsung 392516 You cannot configure the alarm input on Samsung SNP-5200 cameras. Events generated from the camera input are not reflected in Security Center.
Samsung 280529 Sometimes Samsung SNP-6201 goes offline when changing connection type.
Samsung 269752 When configuring multiple motion detection zones, only the first one supports threshold values.
Samsung 262539 Video streaming is not available on models SNB-7000 when configured at 3 megapixel MJPEG.
Samsung 154180 Samsung SNP-3750: The "Clear preset" PTZ command is not supported.
Workaround: Clear the PTZ presets from the unit's web page.
Samsung 147987 SNP-6200H: Audio output is choppy, even when the volume is set to the maximum in the unit’s web page.
Sanyo 154970 VDC-DP7584: The aspect ratio is not correct for streams that have a resolution of 720x240.
Sentry 360 60841 When using the dewarping feature in Security Desk, the overview image displays the first frame when the camera was dropped in the tile.
Sentry 360 60840 When using the dewarping feature in Security Desk, the overview image does not match the zoom regions.
Sentry 360 60839 When using the dewarping feature in Security Desk, if you zoom using your mouse wheel button, it zooms to the center of the image, not where your mouse is pointing.
Siqura 154951 C-60E: The Motion on threshold is not supported on the unit. Therefore, you might receive motion on events from values that differ from the motion blocks you specified.
Sony 526578 Sony: When using the RM-NS1000, the Pause button does not work in Live mode.
Workaround: Run Security Desk in 32-bit. To do this, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec Security Center 5.5\SecurityDesk32.exe.
Sony 352466 Gen 5 PTZ cameras: When recording on the edge, the cameras can become unresponsive and sometimes spin uncontrollably.
Sony 347660 Sony SMC-VM77R2: When you add or modify a VMF Filter type on the unit's web page, you need to reconnect to the unit in Security Center to see the events in Security Desk.
Sony 328076 Sony SMC-VM77R2: When using the 4K 30p resolution, hardware motion detection, camera tampering, and face detection are not supported.
Sony 237097 Motion detection on the Sony SNC-DH280 does not work on the MPEG-4 stream; this stream is too noisy. Instead, the user must use the H.264 stream or perform hardware motion detection.
Sony 196874 Sony SNC-VB600B: Edge playback starts buffering when you fast forward faster than 4x or rewind faster than -4x.
Sony 154968 Sony 5th Generation: For certain units only one codec can be on for motion detection to work, the others must be turned off.
Sony 154967 Sony 5th and 6th Generation: When performing hardware motion detection with multiple zones, the Motion on threshold setting for the first zone is used for all zones.
Sony 154425 Sony SNC-HM662: When you dewarp the camera image using a digital zoom preset, the image is dewarped differently in Monitoring task versus the Archives task.
Sony 119575 Sony: Changing codecs on a 6th generation camera while it is actively streaming causes an error and transmission is lost.
Workaround: Stop all streams and then configure the codecs.
Sony 106638 SNT EX-154: No motion detection events are received in Security Center if the unit’s web page has the Motion detection tab open.
Sony 104672 SNC-ER585: When moving the mouse pointer over a tile that is being used to monitor live video in Security Desk, the image freezes.
Sony 74587 Sony 5th generation video units: The resolution of the second stream cannot be higher than the resolution of the first stream.
Synergis™ appliance 210748 After installing a new system, you might see messages in the Access Manager log saying that the Access Manager could not connect to a Synergis™ appliance, even if you did not try to enroll a Synergis™ appliance. This is because Security Center attempts to automatically enroll Synergis™ appliances that were discovered on the port.
Synergis™ appliance 206282 If you connect to the Synergis™ Appliance Portal from the Portal tab of the Synergis™ appliance unit in Config Tool, and you select another access control unit in the area view, your web session is lost.
Verint 91773 Verint S1801E-R: You cannot toggle between single and quad monitor mode in Config Tool.
Workaround: Change the monitor mode from the unit’s web page.
Video 888189 Security Desk: The Select playback source option in the tile menu commands does not always display all the playback sources for a camera.
Workaround: Select All sources to see the full list of playback sources.
Video 796783 If an Auxiliary Archiver is recording a video stream that is being redirected from a remote site that has a maximum bandwidth limit set, and the bandwidth limit has been reached, the video stream is lost but the recorded video file is not closed right away. As a result, there might be gaps in the timeline of the video file.
Video 771688 If you are duplicating video files on another Archiver using archive transfer and the transfer progress is slow due to limited bandwidth, you are not notified.
Video 762367 For H.264 video, after you seek in the timeline it takes a few seconds for the frames to display properly.
Video 737510 ONVIF cameras: The Best available connection type is not supported for ONVIF cameras, but the option is still available if you add the unit using the Unit enrollment tool.
Video 697952 If the PTZ protocol of a camera does not support absolute pan or tilt positions, then if a failover occurs on the Map Manager role, the FOV of the PTZ camera might not show the correct orientation on the map, and moving the FOV might not move the PTZ motor.
Video 499286 When exporting a video that is recorded from multiple sources, audio or metadata can be missing from the export.
Video 486339 For systems that include Axis and Panasonic cameras that support sensitivity by zone and that are configured to perform motion detection on the unit, upgrading Security Center from a version earlier than 5.3 LA (including Omnicast™) to any version higher or equal to 5.3 LA will reset each of the camera’s motion zones sensitivity to 99%.
Video 387302 After changing the start multicast address of the Media Router, the camera multicast address is not updated.
Workaround: Manually update the multicast address in Config Tool.
Video 386699 In the Monitoring task, the last frame of an overlay continues to display even though it shouldn't.
Workaround: Display the camera in a new tile.
Video 352715 Live and playback video stop working when the Archiver memory reaches 1.2 GB.
Workaround: Install Microsoft KB 2588507 to fix the issue.
Video 349497 Export: If a camera is associated to both an Archiver and an Auxiliary Archiver, and configured to record audio on one and not the other, audio might not be included in the exported file.
Workaround: Make sure to perform the export from the source camera that is configured to record audio.
Video 263498 Security Desk: When you drag a report result into a Monitoring task tile, only the live feed is played. If the report result has only playback video, the tile waits for an offline source to play live video feed instead.
Video 263438 Security Desk: When you drag and drop a G64 video file on a tile that previously had a camera with fish-eye lens configuration, the digital zoom displays a fish-eye zoom instead of a normal digital zoom.
Video 263320 Security Desk: Paused G64 video automatically resumes and loses digital zoom when you switch between Monitoring tasks. This behavior is also seen when dragging and dropping paused tiles between screens running Security Desk in full screen mode.
Video 261764 The Change title pattern pop-up is not near the Change tile pattern button when you use the hotkey shortcut (CTRL+p).
Video 261744 Vault: Encrypted files with extension .gek always display a length of 23:59:59.
Video 257718 When upgrading from 5.2 SR9 to 5.3 GA, additional archive folders are created for cameras that are set to continuously record.
Video 257672 Archiver: When adding a new unit, the Add unit dialog box might indicate that a unit was added successfully even though it wasn't.
Video 257289 The Genetec™ Video Player is displaying an error when it starts, sometimes showing a .NET Framework initialization Error message.
Workaround: Delete the following folder: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Thinstall\Genetec Video Player 5.3 GA.
Video 256524 When playing back video in the Monitoring task, the time zone for a camera does not always display correctly.
Video 254643 Archive transfer: When transferring archives to a newly created Archiver, if the transfer is interrupted, the status might indicate that the transfer was completed even though it never restarted after the interruption.
Video 248023 Camera blocking: During playback, when the cursor reaches the beginning of a large blocked segment (1.5 hours or more), the playback stops for approximately fifteen minutes before resuming.
Workaround: Manually seek to the end of the blocked segment to resume playback.
Video 224302 Genetec™ Video Player: The playback cursor doesn't stop at the end of the timeline and video is not synchronized properly.
Video 217745 ONVIF cameras: Fixed cameras are sometimes discovered as PTZ cameras.
Workaround: Use one of the following options:
  • Leave it as is, with limited Digital PTZ due to usage of on-board controls.
  • Add the unit with Manufacturer= "ONVIF" and Product type= "Without PTZ".
Video 215485 Bookmarks might disappear from the timeline when clicking the Previous bookmark button.
Video 213361 Clicking the Protected video file statistics button for an Auxiliary Archiver displays an error.
Video 211625 Hardware acceleration: On high performance computers, NVIDIA GPU decoding works better when Intel Quick Sync is disabled.
Video 211232 Hardware acceleration: If you install a new NVIDIA driver when hardware acceleration is enabled in Security Desk and you are monitoring a camera using an NVIDIA encoder, then your Windows screen turns blue and cannot be restarted.
Workaround: Recover your Windows system.
Video 210012 Security Desk: The Stop recording button for PTZ patterns does not appear if recording is started using a keyboard shortcut.
Video 208788 Changing the connection type might trigger a transmission lost event in Security Center before the video can be seen again from the camera.
Video 208471 JPEG2000 video streams cannot be exported or converted to ASF format.
Video 205161 If you are viewing multiple cameras in synchronized playback using the Remote task and you start seeking in the timeline, the timestamps and timelines on the local Security Desk do not update properly.
Video 204681 The camera configuration report task does not work with Omnicast™ federated cameras.
Video 192595 Hardware acceleration: GPU always shows 0% even though the usage ratio is unavailable when using QuickSync.
Video 155581 If you are federating an Omnicast™ system and the user that the Federation™ role uses to log on to the remote system lacks the privilege to view playback video, Security Center users can still view playback video from the federated Omnicast™ cameras.
Video 153240 When exporting federated video from an Omnicast™ 4.7 system, the progress bar does not show the progress.
Video 153236 All cameras in a federated camera sequence are displayed on the Federation™ host even though the user account used to connect to the federated Directory does not have access to all of them.
Video 153232 Federated camera sequences cannot show video from cameras that are blocked to any user on the remote system, regardless of the privileges of the user account used to connect to the federated Directory.
Video 151293 When video with low resolution is exported in ASF format and the Display date and time on video option is selected, the timestamp is cut off in the video overlay.
Video 148655 When federating a Security Center system with a user that has an Archive viewing limitation of 5 minutes, the Archives report in Security Desk only displays results for the last 5 minutes, but more than the last 5 minutes of video can be viewed.
Video 148030 If the Archive viewing limitation option for a user is changed to a specific value in Config Tool, and then they try to view playback video in the canvas, the video thumbnails span the whole tile, even if they cannot view the associated video.
Video 143478 SQL 2012: Database creation issues when installing SQL 2012.
Workaround: Check the SQL permissions and make sure the NTAuthority\SYSTEM user is set to sysadmin.
Video 129622 PTZ motors must be connected to a serial port on the same Archiver as the camera.
Video 126634 The failover of an Archiver role might take up to one minute. During that time, the Archiver role and its units appear in red. However, if the video units are streaming in multicast, and if the redundant archiving option is turned on, then there will be no loss of video recording during the failover.
Video 100778 When you add a bookmark to live video of a federated Omnicast™ 4.7 camera, the bookmark timestamp is generated when you click OK, not when you click Add bookmark.
Video 100768 For federated Omnicast™ cameras, the video tile statistics overlay does not display the Encoding type, and the Source field is incorrect.
Video 100674 If a camera is blocked on a federated site, the user level of the block settings only applies to the users on the federated system.
Video 97038 When federating a PTZ camera from an Omnicast™ 4.8 system to Security Center, the PTZ preset names might not be federated.
Video 96458 If you are manually recording a video stream and you add a bookmark while viewing the live video, the recording restarts.
Video 94722 In Omnicast™, you can only block live video. Therefore, if you are viewing playback video from a federated Omnicast™ video stream in Security Center and it is blocked by a user on the Omnicast™ side, the video is not blocked in Security Center until the camera is changed to live video mode.
Video 91564 Software motion detection is not supported on Auxiliary Archivers. Therefore, when viewing playback video, there is no visual indication of motion on the timeline if the video archive was only recorded on an Auxiliary Archiver (no green bars).
Video 88994 If you switch the audio format to AAC audio while the video stream is displayed in a Security Desk tile, the sound is either distorted or doesn’t work.
Workaround: Clear the video stream from the tile before changing the audio format. Then, in the camera widget, click the Listen button twice to reset the audio.
Video 88764 When using digital zoom, you cannot select a preset again if it was the last preset you selected before moving the camera image.
Workaround: In the Digital zoom presets section of the camera widget, click Reload to move the camera image to the current preset position.
Video 78880 Security Desk: When playing back Omnicast™ 4.8 federated video, the rewind speed starts at -10x instead of -1x.
Video 77721 Edge playback: Audio playback is not supported on edge recording unit.
Video 76946 Motion detection: On high resolution cameras, Config Tool does not display as many motion blocks as the Archiver can detect.
Video 70560 If you associate a camera with an alarm and the analog monitor that is a recipient of the alarm does not support the camera, when the alarm is triggered, the video is not displayed on the analog monitor.
Video 70532 When you add a camera sequence to an analog monitor in Security Desk and one of the cameras is not supported, that camera is skipped in the sequence.
Video 64274 Edge recording: Thumbnails are not available if the video is only recorded on the edge unit.
Workaround: To see thumbnails in any kind of video reports (Bookmarks, Camera events, and so on), the video must be trickled to the Archiver.
Video 63523 Move unit: Cannot view playback video from Auxiliary Archiver after moving a video unit from one Archiver role to another.
Workaround: Restart Genetec™ Server service hosting the Auxiliary Archiver.
Video 63409 Move unit: After moving a video unit, the unit is still shown under its old Archiver after it comes back online.
Workaround: Manually refresh the entity tree after the unit comes back online.
Video 58329 Backward compatibility: Security Desk 5.0 and earlier cannot play AAC audio coming from Security Center 5.1.
Video 57553 Auxiliary Archiver: when you deactivate and activate the role, a warning appears briefly on screen. This is a false-positive warning notification.
Video 54437 When displaying an HTML map in a bottom tile, and switching a camera in another tile to playback mode, the map overlaps the video thumbnails.
Video 52172 When attempting to back up an Auxiliary Archiver that is installed on an expansion server to a file on that computer, you might receive an error because the SQL Server might not have permission to back up to that location.
Workaround: Back up to a folder the SQL Server has access to.
Video 40314 Alarm playback loop is permanently set in Security Desk. The alarm playback loop is set between the following time ranges:
  • Start time: Alarm trigger minus pre-trigger setting.
  • End time: Alarm trigger plus 10 seconds.
VideoIQ 154958 If you boost the video quality or modify the video stream (for example, change the frame rate) in Config Tool, you might lose the video stream connection for 30 seconds.
Vivotek 287549 Vivotek IB8381: When querying the of list of video sequences on the unit's SD card, the UTC start and end times are incorrect.
Web Client 750609 After you drag a camera to a canvas tile, the timeline is not displayed until you move your mouse outside of the tile, and then hover your mouse back over the tile.