Video enhancements in Security Center 5.6 SR2 - Security Center 5.6 SR2

Security Center Release Notes 5.6 SR2

Security Center 5.6 SR2

With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The following video enhancements are included in Security Center 5.6 SR2:

General video enhancements

Metadata overlay stream support for ONVIF units
Security Center now supports metadata overlay streams for ONVIF units in Security Desk. You must enable and configure video analytics on the unit's web page before adding the unit to Security Center.
Support for the Advantech ADAM-600 Ethernet I/O Module
Security Center now supports the Advantech ADAM-600 Ethernet I/O Module.
NOTE: The output pins must be used in Normally open mode. Using the Normally closed mode might cause undesirable behavior when the unit connects, and restarts.
Support for ABUS TVIP92 series cameras
Security Center supports ABUS TVIP92 series cameras. For more information about device compatibility, see the Supported Devices List.
Support for Desktop Camera software
Security Center supports DeskCamera's Desktop Camera software. For more information about Desktop Camera software, see your DeskCamera documentation.
Add a Unicast or Multicast UDP listener for the Generic Stream Manufacturer
In the Manual add dialog box there are four new Product type options for the Generic Stream Manufacturer:
  • RTP Multicast
  • RTP Multicast (No Ping)
  • RTP Unicast (UDP)
  • RTP Unicast UDP (No Ping)

The following video codecs are supported:

  • H265/HEVC
  • H264
  • MPEG-4

Axis enhancements

Support for Video Motion Detection 4
Security Center now supports Axis Video Motion Detection 4. For information on VMD4, see your Axis documentation.
NOTE: If you install VMD4 or firmware 6.50.1 on your camera, VMD4 is automatically used by Security Center. If you still want to use VMD3, you must uninstall VMD4 from your camera or use a different firmware.
Support for PTZ drivers that are uploaded on the unit's web page
Security Center now supports PTZ drivers that have been uploaded to PTZ units that have two or more encoders.