Platform enhancements in Security Center 5.6 SR2 - Security Center 5.6 SR2

Security Center Release Notes 5.6 SR2

Security Center 5.6 SR2

With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The following platform enhancements are included in Security Center 5.6 SR2:
General map enhancements
In Config Tool there is now an option to configure the opacity of a map layer. This is useful when a map layer obstructs the view of valuable information on the map. For example, a layer that displays weather patterns might block the view of a street name or point of interest on the map. For more information, see Adjusting the opacity of the information displayed on maps.
ESRI map enhancements
  • In Config Tool, you can configure an ESRI map layer to automatically refresh at a specific time interval. This is useful when you are monitoring moving objects on a map in Security Desk and want to see the updated locations for those objects. For more information, see Configuring map objects that move.
  • When monitoring an ESRI map in Security Desk, you can click on a map object to see more information about the object, such as the position, region, and so on. If there are multiple objects that overlap, a list of the layers is displayed so you can select the layer that contains the object you want to see. For more information, see Basic map commands.