Resolved issues in Genetec Mission Control™ 2.7 GA - Genetec Mission Control™ 2.7 GA

Genetec Mission Control™ Release Notes 2.7 GA

Genetec Mission Control™ 2.7 GA

Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases which have been fixed in the current release.

There are no resolved issues in Genetec Mission Control™ 2.7 GA.
Issue Description
1408750 Incident report: The results shown on screen and the exported results do not match.
1361060 The spinning ball (CPU busy) sometimes appears for one to two minutes for no apparent reason.
1274927 The titles of automatically generated incident reports do not match the report content.
1197283 Snapshots from linked cameras are missing from the incident export.
1191389 Incident state can be changed from the Incident report task by users who are not the incident owner.
1184606 The sound bite associated to an incident type is not always played when the incident is triggered.
1178829 Dynamic SOP: The procedure cannot be saved when the Start node is not connected to the steps.
1178827 Dynamic SOP: It is not possible to hide the advanced settings in the Procedure step properties dialog box after they are shown.
1178826 Dynamic SOP: The Procedure step properties dialog box is truncated on small screens.
1163393 Users can see incidents belonging to partitions they do not have access to.
1112809 The reminder details (time and message) are not included the activity trail of the incident when the reminder is modified.
1050429 Config Tool: In the dynamic SOP configuration, adding a transition from the Start node to the first step is not logged in the audit trail.
1049799 Cannot export a dynamic SOP with non-unique step names.
1047783 After importing a dynamic SOP from a CSV file, the steps are piled on top of each other instead of following the original layout.
1045799 After creating a custom event in the system, the event is not immediately available for the configuration of incident triggers.
1045736 The "Recipients" field is missing in the incident lists and reports.
1044750 When taking the ownership of an incident with Ask for consent turned on, the change of ownership is granted after the request times out, even if the current owner never accepted the request.
1044672 Users who were monitoring the incident at the time the incident closed are not logged in the incident activity trail.
1023456 Document management: Error while uploading documents.
1007497 When an incident type is changed in the workflow, the recipient list of the new incident type is not applied.
1003515 When transferring multiple incidents, consent request is not sent to the selected recipients.
1003345 It is not possible to set two reminders at the same time on the same workstation.
1002445 After applying a filter template in the Incident monitoring task, the filter dialog box remains partially displayed.
950789 Sorting the incident Audit trails by Incident type does not work.
906047 Incident transfer: The Recipients dialog box does not include all active online users when the Ask for acknowledgment option is turned on.
798763 Export incident: When you export an incident from the Incident monitoring task, the Related entities section in the exported document is blank.