How the ThyssenKrupp plugin works with Security Center - ThyssenKrupp 3.1

ThyssenKrupp Release Notes 3.1

ThyssenKrupp 3.1

The ThyssenKrupp plugin integrates the ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch elevator system into Security Center using the ThyssenKrupp Ethernet Specification.

The ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch Ethernet Security Specification is a protocol proprietary to ThyssenKrupp and is based on UDP datagram communication. Initial communication between Security Center and the ThyssenKrupp system is established through a broadcast message. After the elevator system is discovered, subsequent communication is established in UDP unicast.

A cardholder presents their badge to a DED (kiosk), Security Center then validates the access rights of this cardholder, and communicates accessible destination floors to the ThyssenKrupp system. The elevator system calls the elevator to the floor the cardholder is on, and then dispatches it to the requested destination.


The following components comprise a ThyssenKrupp integration in Security Center.
  • ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch elevator solution
  • Synergis™ System with access control hardware and readers
  • ThyssenKrupp plugin