Terminology used in the ThyssenKrupp plugin guide - ThyssenKrupp 3.1

ThyssenKrupp Release Notes 3.1

ThyssenKrupp 3.1

Familiarizing yourself with ThyssenKrupp terminology can help you gain a better understanding of how the ThyssenKrupp plugin works.

Term Definition
DED A DED (Data Entry Device) is a tablet installed on a landing, usually mounted on a pedestal, or inside an elevator. It displays the list of floors a cardholder can access and which elevator to use to get to a selected floor. A DED can have an integrated card reader.
Floor On the same floor, you can have multiple landings.
Kiosk A kiosk is also known as a DED.
Landing A landing is the portion of a floor adjacent to an elevator, and is used to receive and discharge passengers. You can have one landing for multiple elevators, or two landings for one elevator that has a front and back door.