Known issues in Security Center Mobile 4.1 SR6 - Security Center Mobile 4.1 SR6

Security Center Mobile Release Notes 4.1 SR6

Security Center Mobile 4.1 SR6

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

Issue Description
152759 Web Client: If you try to export federated video from an Omnicast™ system, but the user assigned to the Omnicast™ Federation™ role lacks the required privileges, you receive the following error message: An unexpected error occurred while exporting the video. Contact your administrator.
252001 In Security Desk you cannot start an override for a schedule more than 24 hours in advance. However, in the Mobile app it is possible to start an override for a schedule more than 24 hours in advance. For example, if the current date is April 22, 2015 at 10:20, you can start the override on April 23, 2015 at 10:21.
252845 Web Client: The Unused card filter is missing from the Cardholder management Advanced search filters.
259627 Streaming a blocked federated camera displays the default camera image instead of the Blocked message.
261198 Web Client: Watermarking is not supported when exporting video from a federated Omnicast™ camera.
261511 Web Client: Active Directory Cardholders and Cardholder groups are not listed as potential members of the Cardholder groups in the Access control task of Web Client.
Workaround: Add the Cardholder to the Cardholder group from the Cardholder management task. This works only for Cardholders.
261518 Web Client: Visitors cannot be added as members of Cardholder groups in the Access control task.
263475 When upgrading the Mobile Server, previously exported video cannot be accessed.
Workaround: Copy the exported video from the previous version's Mobile Server folder in the FileStorage\ExportVideo directory to the new Mobile Server folder. Then restart the Genetec™Security Center Mobile Server service.
268247 Web Client: After running several queries from the Access control task, the selector pane on the left becomes disabled; you cannot run any more queries from this page.
Workaround: Reload the Access control task in Web Client.
272104 Web Client: When attempting to add a Cardholder group to a Global partition, an incorrect error message is displayed Invalid transaction. Asynchronous exception occured, check the inner exception. If this error message is displayed it is because an operation could not be committed due to insufficient privileges.
272817 Video cannot be streamed from DVMRe units in federated Omnicast™ systems.
272826 The Mobile Server outputs video from native DVMRe units at a lower resolution than what is configured.
368449 Web Client: From an Alarm report, when you export the video from an alarm that is set to play live video, the Export video dialog box displays the current time instead of the time when the alarm occurred.
Workaround: Specify the date and time when the alarm occurred, and then export the video.
372655 Web Client: When editing the content of a report, only one column is selected by default.
Workaround: Select the columns for the information that you want in the report.
375030 Mobile app and Web Client: When a user tries to view video from a federated camera that is blocked, the messages displayed do not indicate that the camera is being blocked.
376557 Web Client: If a user's privileges deny access to live video and grant access to playback video, when that user tries to play back video in the Web Client, video does not play and the following message appears: You do not have the privilege to view live video.
379585 Web Client: Custom events cannot be filtered out of a Door activities report.
649382 Web Client: If you export video in G64 format from All sources and you have multiple Archivers on the system, some video sequences might be missing.
653569 Web Client: In the Door activities report, the Unit type report column does not correspond to the information in Security Desk, which uses the Product type column.
1023517 Mobile Server Extension: If the server certificate is changed from a self-signed certificate to a different self-signed certificate, while the Security Center Threat Level app for iOS is logged onto a mobile device, then a white screen might be displayed indefinitely on the iOS Security Center Threat Level app.
Workaround: Navigate to the Safari settings on the iOS device and click Clear History and Website Data.
1039885 Mobile Server Extension: If the main port setting for Mobile app connectivity on the Mobile Server is different to the default (port 8100), the Mobile Server Extension configuration must be manually corrected.
Workaround: Correct the connectivity port in the Mobile Server Extension files: gscmsts\Config\configs.json and screstproxy\Config\configs.json.
1230672 Mobile Server Extension does not work with Security Center 5.7 GA.
Workaround: Install Security Center 5.7 SR1.