Limitations in Security Center Mobile 4.1 SR6 - Security Center Mobile 4.1 SR6

Security Center Mobile Release Notes 4.1 SR6

Security Center Mobile 4.1 SR6

Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

Issue Description
67947 Web Client: You cannot upload photos from iOS devices for cardholder or visitor pictures.
87208 Mobile Admin: If you enter an incorrect value in the Mobile Admin configuration pages and click Apply, it is replaced by a correct value.
87246 If you change the Server instance value in the Mobile Admin Mobile streaming settings page (for example, from 1 to 5), you are still able to stream video from mobile devices that were previously connected to Mobile Server 1, even though they might be in conflict with other mobile devices from another Mobile Server in your system.
Workaround: If you want to change the Server instance value, you must delete all Security Center virtual cameras, and then re-configure the mobile streaming feature. See Setting up mobile streaming for more information.
87966 Web Client: If you reduce the size of the Web Client window smaller than a resolution of 1024x600, some of the buttons in the toolbar are hidden.
88266 Web Client: In the Audit trails task, generated events that are related to actions performed on doors using Mobile app, display incorrect data in the Initiator application and Initiator application version columns.
88674 Web Client: In the Go to specific date and time dialog box, the available video sequences do not show the archive source.
88745 Security Center Mobile users that have the privilege to use PTZ controls can override the PTZ controls of any Security Center user, even if they have a lower user level.
119065 Apple Mobile app: If you click Cancel when adding a bookmark, the camera that had started recording video continues to record for the Default manual recording length value set in Config Tool.
147913 Web Client, Apple Mobile app: If you are viewing playback video and you click the Jump forward button to a future time stamp, the playback is stuck buffering at 0%.
148280 If a user is logged on or has logged off less than 30 seconds ago, their credentials can be used to log on again without validating their user logon schedule, password expiration, and password strength.
148562 Web Client, IE11: After logging on, the logon page might be displayed again. This occurs because the Server OS does not have the latest .NET Framework update, and the browser is not recognized by the server.

To resolve this issue, install the Microsoft update for .NET Framework 4. You can download the update here:

Workaround: Enable compatibility view in your browser.
152738 The Force change password option in Security Center Config Tool is not supported in Web Client or Mobile app.
197273 Web Client, Firefox: You might experience issues with video streaming resolutions that are higher than 320x240.
252450 Although you can manually unlock a door controlled by SMC from Security Desk when the Access manager is offline, you cannot do so from the Mobile Server, Mobile app, or with Web Client.
519487 Mobile Server: When acknowledging an alarm that is configured to Create an incident on acknowledgement from a mobile device, an incident is not created.
593137 Security Center Mobile: Alarms with acknowledgment conditions are not supported by the Mobile app.
646882 Security Center Mobile 4.1 is not supported with Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 SP2. Security Center Mobile 4.1 requires .Net Framework 4.6.1, which is not supported on Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 SP2.