[KBA-00262] Disabling inputs on multichannel encoders in Omnicast™ - Omnicast™ 4.0 - 4.8

Omnicast™ 4.0 - 4.8

[KBA-00262] Disabling inputs on multichannel encoders in Omnicast™

This article explains how to disable channels or ports on a multichannel encoder in Omnicast™.


On most manufacturer units, you cannot disable channels or ports. However, for Verint and Axis you can disable ports and channels.

If you are unsure whether you can disable channels or ports for your unit, contact the unit manufacturer.

More Information

To disable ports on a Verint multichannel encoder, see [KBA-00126] Disabling inputs on Verint encoders.

To disable channels on an Axis multichannel encoder:
  1. Open a web browser and go to: http://ip address of the encoder/admin-bin/editcgi.cgi?file=/etc/sysconfig/image_global.conf
  2. In the file, change the NbrOfConfigs value to the number of channels you would like to remain active.
  3. Scroll down the file and add a # at the beginning of each line for the channels to be disabled. For example, if you wish to go from four channels to one: