[KBA-00907] How to Troubleshoot "Access Denied" Events - Security Center 5.1

Security Center 5.1

[KBA-00907] How to Troubleshoot "Access Denied" Events

This article explains how to troubleshoot "Access Denied" events in Security Center 5.1.


A cardholder has swiped his crendtial at a reader he should have access to, yet the system generates an Access Denied event. There are various reasons why this might happen, and following the troubleshooting steps below can help pinpoint the issue.

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If a credential keeps generating Access Denied events when you know it shoud not, try the following steps:

1. Identify the exact Access Denied message received in Security Desk.

a) Log into Security Desk and start a Monitoring task (click Home, then select Monitoring under Tasks).

b) Add the entities you want to monitor in the Entities tab.

i. Click on the Entities tab at the bottom of your Monitoring task

ii. Click the green plus sign to add the door where you are receiving Access Denied events.

c) Swipe the problematic credential at the monitored door and observe the Event pane. Possible Access Denied events can include:
  • Access Denied: Expired credential
  • Access Denied: Inactive cardholder
  • Access Denied: Inactive credential
  • Access Denied: Lost credential
  • Access Denied: Stolen credential
  • Access Denied: Unassigned credential
  • Access Denied: Unknown credential
  • Access Denied

All but the last two events are self-explanatory and can be addressed in the Cardholders and Credentials sections in the Config Tool's Access Control tab.

To troubleshoot the last two events, see step 2.

2. Use the Access Troubleshooter tool from either the Config Tool or the Security Desk to identify the reason of an Access Denied event. This Synergis-specific tool helps detect and diagnose access configuration problems. For more information, see "Access Troubleshooter" on page 569 of the Security Center 5.1 Administrator Guide, found in the GTAP's Documents section.

If you get an error in the Access Troubleshooter tool, please review your Access Rules. If there are no configuration issues, see step 3.

3. If the Access Denied: Unknown credential event is only generated on one specific door, review the wiring connections on the card reader. Confirm that Data1 and Data0 are properly wired between the reader and the VertX unit. If wired properly, see step 4.

4. Reboot the VertX unit:

a) Open a command prompt (click Start, then Run, then type cmd)

b) Type ping <unit IP>

c) Log in using the root credential. The default password for the root user is pass btfsplk

d) Type reboot

If you still get an Access Denied event afterwards, see step 5.

5. Do a full synchronization on the VertX unit:

a) Open Config Tool

b) Open the Access Control task

c) Go to the Units tab

d) In the tree, under the Access Manager role, select the unit that controls the door where you are getting Access Denied events

e) Select the Synchronization tab

f) Click on the Synchronize now button. This process can take a few minutes; the button will become active again once completed. Also, you can see when the last update was done next to the Synchronize now button.

g) Try to swipe the credential on the reader once the synchronization is complete. If you still get an Access Denied event, see step 6.

6. Delete the credential from the Config Tool and recreate it by enrolling it from a different reader. Once re-enrolled and reassigned to a cardholder that has access to the reader you enrolled from, try swiping it on said reader, followed by different readers. If you get Access Granted on the reader used to enroll the credential but not the others, please review the wiring configuration of the reader. If you still get an Access Denied event on all doors, see step 7.
7. Contact the Genetec Technical Assistance Center