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Sharp Administrator Guide 11.8

SharpOS 11.8

In the Clock section of the Sharp Portal Status page, you can view the status of the Sharp unit’s internal clock.

Shows if there is drift between the Sharp unit’s clock and the clock on the computer you are currently using to connect to the Sharp Portal.
Local clock.
The clock on the computer you are using to connect to the Sharp Portal.
Remote clock.
The Sharp unit’s clock.
Synchronize now.
Synchronizes the Sharp unit’s with your computer’s clock.
IMPORTANT: Do not click Synchronize now unless you are connecting to the Sharp Portal from the server (computer hosting the LPR Manager role). If you synchronize clocks with a computer other than the server, the Sharp’s reads and hits will not have accurate timestamps.
  • The Sharp unit automatically synchronizes clocks with its server every 12 hours, or whenever the connection between the Plate Reader and LPR Manager role is established.
  • For mobile AutoVu™ deployments, the Sharp must be in sync with the Genetec Patroller™ computer to ensure reads, hits, and overtime wheel images have the correct timestamps. If the sync is not successful, make sure that the time sync port is not blocked by the Genetec Patroller™ computer’s firewall.