Importing and exporting settings in the SharpOS 11.8 Portal - SharpOS 11.8

Sharp Administrator Guide 11.8

SharpOS 11.8

You can import or export Sharp settings for use as diagnostic information by technical support (if required), or import settings from another Sharp.

Before you begin

You can only import settings from a similar Sharp (same model and SharpOS version). If you import settings from a SharpX, you may have to restart the LPR Processing Unit for the cameras to be detected.


  1. Open the Sharp Portal for the Sharp that is ready to export settings.
  2. On the Status page under Diagnostics, click Export settings.
  3. Specify the desired location and name for the zip file.
    A zip file is created.
  4. Copy the exported zip file to the Sharp you want to configure.
  5. Open the Sharp Portal on the Sharp you want to configure.
  6. On the Status page under Diagnostics, click Import settings.
  7. Browse to the zip file with the Sharp settings you want to import.
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    After you import the settings, the Plate Reader service restarts automatically.