Security configuration in Sharp Portal - SharpOS 11.8

Sharp Administrator Guide 11.8

SharpOS 11.8

The first time you connect to the Sharp Portal, it is over a non-encrypted HTTP connection, which means that anyone on the network can read the data transmitted (including the password).

Logging on to the Sharp Portal over a non-encrypted connection is not a problem if you’re on a private network only accessible by authorized personnel, or if you’re in a vehicle (which is a private network). However, if you’re on a public network, you should use HTTPS protocol to log on to the Sharp because the logon credentials and the data transmission (except for the video feed) are encrypted.

After you connect to the Sharp Portal, you can configure the Sharp Portal to accept logons with SSL encryption (HTTPS), using an SSL certificate. You can either use a self-signed certificate, or use a signed certificate from a Certificate Authority such as VeriSign.