Live feed page of the SharpOS 11.8 Portal: Camera selection - SharpOS 11.8

Sharp Administrator Guide 11.8

SharpOS 11.8

In the Camera selection section of the Sharp Portal Live feed page, you can view the different cameras that are available.

Select the camera type from the drop-down list:
NOTE: On a SharpX you can have more than one camera set, therefore you will see LPR camera 2, Context camera 2, and so on.
Default state. After you have finished viewing the live feeds, you should set this back to None in order to conserve CPU power.
Context camera
Displays the camera’s normal video images.
Tire camera
Displays the tire camera images (if applicable).
LPR camera
Displays the LPR camera that captures license plates. Selecting the LPR camera allows you define a region of interest by clicking on the screen. Each click creates a corner of the region of interest. You can click Clear region of interest to delete the region you created and start over. Defining a region of interest is only applicable to fixed installations and allows for more images to be processed.

Click the button to refresh the list of cameras connected to the LPR Processing Unit.