Ports used by the LPR Processing Unit - SharpOS 11.8

Sharp Administrator Guide 11.8

SharpOS 11.8

To ensure that the system can connect to the internet, you might need to create additional firewall rules when configuring the network settings of the LPR Processing Unit.

IMPORTANT: Exposing the AutoVu™ system to the internet is strongly discouraged without hardening your system first. Before exposing your system, implement the advanced security level described in the Security Center Hardening Guide to help protect your system from Internet-based threats.

The following table lists the default network ports used by the LPR Processing Unit.

Application Inbound Outbound Port usage
Sharp Portal server (Sharp unit) TCP 80   Communication port (HTTP)
TCP 443   Secure communication port (HTTPS)
TCP 3389   RDP connection (disabled by default)
  • The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection to the LPR Processing Unit is disabled by default. To establish an RDP connection, you must first activate Remote assistance in the Sharp Portal.
  • For security reasons, when setting up port forwarding for an LPR Processing Unit behind a NAT, do not forward the RDP connection port.