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Sharp Administrator Guide 11.8

SharpOS 11.8

Sharp Portal is a web-based administration tool used to configure Sharp cameras for AutoVu™ systems. From a web browser, you log on to a specific IP address (or the Sharp name in certain cases) that corresponds to the Sharp you want to configure. When you log on, you can configure options such as selecting the ALPR context (for example, Alabama, Oregon, Quebec), selecting the read strategy (for example, fast moving or slow moving vehicles), viewing the Sharp’s live video feed, and more.

Benefits of the Sharp Portal

NOTE: To use the Sharp Portal, your Web browser must have the Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed.
Some of the benefits of using the Sharp Portal are the following:
Open Sharp Portals in many tabs
Web browsers use tab-based browsing, which provides you with a simple way to configure multiple Sharps. You can have many Sharp Portals open within the same Web browser.
Secure connection
You can log on to the Sharp Portal securely using an HTTPS protocol with SSL encryption.
Use Favorites
You can easily monitor and configure all the Sharp units on your network. For example, if you have multiple fixed Sharps on your network, you can add them all to your Web browser’s Favorites folder, and then rename them (e.g. SharpNorthParkingLot) for quick configuration and maintenance.