Adding the properties of SNMP devices in SNMP Manager - SNMP Manager 4.1

SNMP Manager Plugin Guide 4.1

SNMP Manager 4.1

Before adding an SNMP device into Security Center, you must create a template that contains the properties of the device that you want to monitor. You do this by creating an XML mapping file.

What you should know

This task must be performed for each type of SNMP device that you want to import to Security Center.

An XML mapping file cannot be edited after it has been imported by Security Center. If changes are required, you must create a new XML mapping file.

SNMP Manager does not support getting object IDs (OIDs) during runtime from SNMP tables. This means that you can only define the properties of your SNMP devices when you first create the device template from the SNMP Manager plugin role.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select SNMP Manager from the entity browser.
  3. Click the Device templates tab, and confirm that the device type you want is not listed.
  4. On the server that hosts the SNMP Manager plugin, browse to the folder Program Files (x86)\Security Center Plugins\SnmpManager\Extensions, and edit TemplateExtension.xml.Temp.
  5. Update the XML file as described in XML template for SNMP Manager device type extensions.
    WARNING: Remember to remove the final .temp from the filename. The filename must end with .xml.
  6. Save the file with the extension .xml to C:\Program Files (x86)\Security Center Plugins\SnmpManager\Extensions.
  7. In Config Tool, deactivate the SNMP Manager role, then activate it.


The device template appears in the Templates column of the Device templates page for the plugin.

After you finish

Import your SNMP traps.