Upgrading to SNMP Manager 4.1 - SNMP Manager 4.1

SNMP Manager Plugin Guide 4.1

SNMP Manager 4.1

You can upgrade the SNMP Manager plugin from version 4.0 to version 4.1 in Security Center.

Before you begin

Make sure that all other building automation and control plugins (BACnet, Modbus, OPC Client) on your server are running the same version of SNMP Manager that you are installing. If not, you must upgrade them before installing SNMP Manager.

What you should know

The plugin needs to be upgraded on Security Center client and server computers.

Upgrading from SNMP Manager 3.0 to 4.1 is not supported. If you are using SNMP Manager 3.0, you must uninstall the plugin, then install version 4.1. Your database information will be lost, and you will have to re-create your configuration in Security Center.


  1. Back up your databases.
  2. Download and install the SNMP Manager plugin 4.1.
  3. After Security Center has restarted, upgrade the SNMP Manager plugin role database.
    1. From the Config Tool Plugins task, select the SNMP Manager plugin role.
    2. On the Resources page, click Database update.


SNMP Manager plugin 4.1 is ready for use.