About integrating Security Center video into CCURE 9000 systems - CCURE 3.5

CCURE Video Integration Plugin Guide 3.5


The CCURE Video Integration plugin allows CCURE 9000 users to receive live events and view Security Center video in the CCURE 9000 Monitoring Station application.

  • All cameras that are visible to the user in Security Center are imported to the CCURE Video Tree in the CCURE 9000 system. This import might take a long time.
  • After you initially import Security Center cameras into CCURE 9000, when you add new cameras in Security Center, you must create them manually in CCURE 9000 if you do not want to re-import all the cameras.
  • New cameras that are added or deleted in Security Center are not synchronized in the CCURE Video Tree. You must create or delete them manually.
  • Cameras are imported with the camera name and logical ID used in Security Center. If you change the name or ID of the camera in Security Center, you must manually change it in CCURE 9000, and vice versa.
  • Cameras that have the same name are not supported in CCURE 9000. If you import cameras that share the same name in Security Center, they are automatically renamed with a numeric identifier. For example, if you import three cameras called Back Door into CCURE 9000, they are renamed Back Door, Back Door (1), and Back Door (2).
  • If you try to import a camera with a name and logical ID that already exists in CCURE 9000, you are prompted to change its name and description to the corresponding Security Center name and description, or leave it as is.
  • All users on a CCURE 9000 system have the same PTZ priority in Security Center. PTZ usage is decided on a first come first serve basis. Once a user gains control over a PTZ camera, it is implicitly locked by that user.