Resetting the software image from the recovery partition of the SV-100 12.3 - SV-100 12.3

SV-100 Performing a Factory Reset 12.3

SV-100 12.3

When resetting the software image from the recovery partition of the SV-100 12.3 appliance, the factory reset partition program will use the image file on the USB key.

Before you begin

To reset the image on the SV-100 12.3 appliance, you need the following:

What you should know

  • Performing a factory reset deletes all the data currently on the Windows drive (C:), and on the video partition, depending on the factory reset option chosen. All hard drive partitions are overwritten, including your databases, logs, and optionally, your video files.
  • Resetting takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, during which several different scripts will run and the appliance will restart several times.
  • Do not close or shut down the appliance during the reset process because this will corrupt the recovery. The process will restart the appliance as required.


  1. Shut down the appliance.
  2. Remove all USB drives from the appliance.
    NOTE: If you do not remove your USB drive before you power on the appliance, your drive might become offset and affect the creation of the partitions.
  3. Power on the appliance.
  4. From the boot menu that opens for two seconds, use the arrow keys to select SV Factory Reset and press Enter.
  5. When the factory reset program is displayed, insert the USB key that you created into a USB port, then choose one of the following options:
    Do nothing and reboot
    Choose this option to exit the recovery program and restart the appliance.
    Factory reset OS (C:)
    Choose this option to format and reinstall the appliance system drive, and preserve video files on the other video drives. All files on the C: drive will be lost (database, logs, and so on).
    Full Factory reset (ALL DATA)
    Choose this option to format and reinstall the appliance to the factory default settings. All files on the appliance will be deleted.
  6. Follow the instructions to confirm your selection and wait for the reset process to complete.
  7. In the Genetec™ Product Validator dialog box, enter the unit's Part Number (Product No.) and Genetec™ Serial Number.
    These numbers can be found on the Genetec™ label located on the top of the unit. If there is no label, you can enter any text to continue.
    The Start button appears.
  8. Click Start.
    The Product Validator displays one of the following three status messages:
    The process was validated as successful. Proceed to the next step.
    PASS - No Transmission
    The process was validated as successful; however, an Internet connection was not available at the time. Proceed to the next step.
    The process was validated as unsuccessful. Contact Genetec™ Technical Assistance.
  9. For a PASS or PASS - No transmission: close the Product Validator window.
  10. Wait for the background script to close, and then restart the appliance.

After you finish

To log on to the appliance for the first time after the factory reset, see Logging on to the SV-100 12.3.

You must activate the software license.