Performing a factory reset on the SV-100 12.3 using a bootable USB - SV-100 12.3

SV-100 Performing a Factory Reset 12.3

SV-100 12.3

If the software image on the SV-100 12.3 fails to start or stops working as expected, you can perform a factory reset using a USB recovery drive. To do this, you must put a copy of the software image on a USB key, and then reset the image from the USB.

Before you begin

To perform a factory reset, you must have the following:
  • A USB key that is 16 GB or larger. Some USB keys might not be able to boot the image. If this occurs, try using a different brand or model of key.
    NOTE: All existing data on this USB key will be deleted.
  • The correct license for the image version you want to restore or install.
  • The System ID and password information that was sent by email when you purchased the appliance.
  • (Recommended) Connect the SV appliance through Ethernet to the Internet so that the system can validate connectivity.
    NOTE: The validation fails if no Internet connection is available, but you can still continue to use the SV appliance.

What you should know

  • This procedure should only be performed if the SV-100 12.3 is not able to boot into the factory reset partition. For more information, see Performing a factory reset on the SV appliance from the recovery partition.
  • Performing a factory reset deletes all the data currently on the Windows drive (C:), and on the video partition, depending on the factory reset option chosen. All hard drive partitions are overwritten, including your databases, logs, and optionally, your video files.


  1. Create a recovery USB key that contains the software image. See Creating a bootable USB key to reset the SV-100 12.3.
  2. Using the USB key, reset the image on the SV appliance. See Resetting the image on the SV-100 12.3 using a bootable USB.

After you finish

Activate the software license using the correct System ID for your appliance.