Configuring the SIP port of Sipelia™ Server - Sipelia™ 2.7

Sipelia User Guide 2.7

Sipelia™ 2.7

To enable the SIP protocol on Sipelia™ Server, you must configure the SIP port of Sipelia™ Server, and ensure that all connected SIP endpoints use the same port value.

Before you begin

If deploying Sipelia™, configure the system communication service.

What you should know

When configuring ports, make sure that the ports are open and that they are not being used by another application on the same workstation. For example, if Sipelia™ Server is installed on the same machine that hosts the Genetec Server, you cannot use the same port that is already being used by Security Center or another application.


  1. Log on to Security Center with Config Tool, and then open the Plugins task.
  2. Select the Sipelia™ Plugin role, and then click Server.
  3. Set the following:
    SIP port
    The port used to enable the SIP protocol on Sipelia Server. As a result, it is the basis of all SIP communication in Sipelia™. The default value is 5060. Every SIP endpoint, such as softphones and SIP intercoms, that needs to connect to the Sipelia™ Server must have this port value in their respective configurations.
  4. If you changed the default value of the SIP port, make sure that all SIP clients that are connected to Sipelia™ Server also use the new port value.