Configuring DTMF preset tones - Sipelia™ 2.7

Sipelia User Guide 2.7

Sipelia™ 2.7

You can configure preset DTMF tones in Sipelia™ and send the configured DTMF tones by clicking the icons that are available in the call's Conversation window.

What you should know

  • After you configure DTMF preset tones, they will be accessible from a Call window. You can then click a button on the keypad to send a series of DTMF tones such as 123.


  1. Log on to Security Center using Config Tool, and then open the Plugins task.
  2. Select the Sipelia™ Plugin role, and then click Server.
  3. In the DTMF presets section, click Add () to add a new preset.
  4. Enter a name, a preset tone and a description.
    1. Name: Not mandatory, maximum 250 characters.
    2. Preset tones: Limited size. Can only contain the following characters : 0-9, #, *.
    3. Description: Not mandatory, maximum 250 characters.
  5. When a tone is selected, you can.
    1. Click Delete to delete this tone from the list.
    2. Click Edit () to edit this tone.
    3. Click the green/red light to activate or deactivate this tone. A deactivated tone will not be available for the call.
    The tone is now added to the list.