About Sipelia™ Client - Sipelia™ 2.7

Sipelia User Guide 2.7

Sipelia™ 2.7

Sipelia™ Client is the softphone component of Sipelia™. As a result, it installs the various user interface features of the Sipelia™ module, such as the call dialog box and conversation window.

By installing Sipelia™ Client, you install the following components:
  • Notification tray
  • Call dialog box
  • Conversation window
  • Call report task

Although not mandatory, it is recommended that you install Sipelia™ Client after installing and deploying Sipelia™ Server. If Sipelia™ Client is installed before Sipelia™ Server, the user interface will not be enabled.

Sipelia™ Client must be installed on every Security Desk workstation that is running Sipelia™ software, thus turning Security Desk into a SIP client (or softphone). The following image shows some of the components of Sipelia™ Client.