Report pane columns for the VoIP inventory task - Sipelia™ 2.7

Sipelia User Guide 2.7

Sipelia™ 2.7

After generating a report, the results of your query are listed in the report pane. This section lists the columns available for the relevant reporting task.

Type of entity.
Name of the entity.
Extension assigned to the entity.
Name of the server to which entity is connected. Local or a trunk server.
IP address
IP address of the intercom or the Security Desk Sipelia™ client.
The number of SIP connections.
  • Intercom: Indicates how many SIP clients are registered as extensions of the intercom entity.
  • User: Indicates how many Security Desk clients the user is currently logged into.
Attached entities
Number of attached entities for the intercom or user.
A check mark indicates that communication from this entity is recorded.
First registration
The first time that the user or intercom registered to the Sipelia™ Server.
Latest registration
The most recent time that the user or intercom sent a keepalive messages to the Sipelia™ Server.
Up time
The time difference between the intercom or user's first registration and latest registration.
The current state of the intercom (available or offline) or the user (available, away, busy, or offline).