Connecting to a SharpV camera using the fallback IP address - SharpV | SharpOS 12.7

AutoVu Handbook for SharpV Fixed Installations 12.7

SharpV | SharpOS 12.7

If you cannot connect to a SharpV camera on your network, you can try connecting to the camera by using the camera's fallback IP address.

What you should know

  • You may need to connect to the camera using the fallback IP address if, for example, the DHCP server is not available.
  • If the camera is powered up and is not connected to the network for a few minutes, the fallback IP address will be available.
  • The fallback IP address is only available if the camera is in DHCP mode.


  1. If there is more than one Sharp camera on the network, isolate the camera by connecting it directly to a computer with the use of a PoE+ injector.
  2. Connect to the camera using the fallback IP address (
  3. Reconfigure the camera as required and reconnect to the network.