About the Navigator oscilloscope tool interface - SharpX X1S, X2S, XSU

AutoVu™ Navigator box Technote

SharpX X1S, X2S, XSU

You must use the Navigator oscilloscope tool when you are configuring the noise sensitivity of the Navigator box.

In the graphic below, a 30-second sample signal is used, and only the Analog signal (offset) is shown. The offset makes it visually easier to perform the calibration. You can display the true analog signal (with the real voltage values) from the View menu.

A Sampling rate The rate at which digital values are sampled from the analog signal.
  • When capturing, display 1 of 64 to minimize CPU effort.
  • When analyzing, display 64 of 64 to get a clearer signal.
B Zoom in/out General zoom in/out. Not specific to either the Y-axis or X-axis.

If you have a wheel mouse, you can also use the wheel to zoom in/out.

C Y-axis Displays voltage.
D Zoom in/out (Y-axis) Zoom in to the y-axis to focus on a smaller unit of voltage.
E Scroll up/down Scroll the signal vertically.
F Zoom in/out (X-axis) Zoom in to the x-axis to focus on a smaller unit of time.
G Odometry sensitivity Slide left/right to adjust the digital signal line.
H Signal views
Display analog signal (not shown in example)
The analog signal represents vehicle engine activity. This view displays the analog signal with its true voltage values. You do not need this signal to perform the calibration, but it can be useful as a reference.
Display analog signal (offset)
Same as the analog signal but with an offset to zero voltage. Use this view for calibration.
Display digital signal
The digital signal represents the Navigator box. Adjusting the sensitivity setting will move the digital signal line, and tell the Navigator box which part of the analog signal to “trigger” on (that is, which part of the analog signal represents true vehicle movement).
Display normalized velocity
Represents the vehicle’s velocity. Use this as a reference to see when the vehicle was accelerating, decelerating, or stopped.
I Scroll left/right Scroll the signal horizontally.
J X-axis Displays time.