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[KBA-01140] SMC Support Logs Enabled by Default

This article explains why an SMC's support logs may be enabled by default even if the "Enabled" checkbox is not checked in the support logs options.


The SMC support logs are enabled by default, even though the default settings in the unit's Home menu state they are not:

Leaving support logs enabled for long periods may impact the SMC's performance. Please ensure logs are properly disabled following the steps detailed in the workaround below.


Certain SMC 2.0 LA and GA devices will ignore the checkbox and have the logs enabled regardless, even by default.


The following procedure will ensure the logs are disabled on affected SMCs:

1. Log into the SMC.

2. From the Controller Portal - Home page, click Logging.

3. In the Logging page, check the Enabled box under Support logs.

4. Click Save.

5. Uncheck the Enabled box under Support logs.

6. Click Save.

The logs will be disabled.


This issue will be resolved in SMC 2.0 SR1.