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Screening for COVID-19 using Genetec Mission Control™

You can use Genetec Mission Control™ to digitize the COVID-19 screening process for employees and visitors.

Benefits of using Genetec Mission Control™ for COVID-19 screening

  • Guide personnel conducting the screening process:
    • Tap into existing systems for data collection.
    • Eliminate repetitive manual tasks and accelerate the process.
    • Automate the decision making process and adjust responses based on real-time input.
  • Optimize record maintenance
  • Provide real-time data and notifications.

SOP to screen for COVID-19

You can set up a Genetec Mission Control™ incident with a dynamic procedure to guide personnel performing the screening process as follows:

You can set up the screening as a two stage process:
  1. Phase 1: Basic screening to clear people for entry.
  2. Phase 2: Based on real-time responses, recommend a more in-depth screening for people who do not pass the first phase of screening.

You can configure the incident to automatically send out an email with detailed answers to the COVID-19 questionnaire to selected recipients when the access card is presented for entry.

Email sample:

Download a sample pre-configured incident from the article's Download tab on TechDoc HUB.

For a basic overview of how the SOP works, watch the Employee and visitor screening procedures with Genetec Mission Control™ video.