[KBA-00950] Modifying the Directory Failover Time Range - Security Center 5.1

Security Center 5.1

[KBA-00950] Modifying the Directory Failover Time Range

This article explains how to modify the amount of time a Directory Manager role waits for a Directory server connection during a failover scenario.


The Directory Manager role keeps track of the list of Directory servers that will be used as backup servers in case of a failover situation. By default, it will try to connect to the master Directory for 15 seconds before attempting to connect to the next server on the list. It will continue down the list until it connects with one of the servers.

We can modify the length of time the Directory Manager tries to connect to a server by adding a section to the GeneralSettings.gconfig file. See the procedure in the More Information section below.

More Information

1. From the Windows Explorer, browse to the browse to the Genetec Security Center 5.1\ConfigurationFiles folder. By default this is installed in the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86) folder.

2. Open the GeneralSettings.gconfig file.

3. Add the following entry within the section (if it is not already there):

<failoverSettings waitForLeaderTimeout="00:00:15" positionTimeoutIncrement="00:00:20" />

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <!--Other sections-->
  <failoverSettings waitForLeaderTimeout="00:00:15" positionTimeoutIncrement="00:00:15" />
  <!--Other sections-->
4. Modify the entry's values to suit your needs. Time is listed in the hh:mm:ss format.

The waitForLeaderTimeout value is the time it will take before the Directory Manager looks for any failover servers to assign as the master. The positionTimeoutIncrement value is the additional delay it will wait depending on the position of the server on the list.

In the example above, the Directory Manager will check for the first server in the list (a.k.a. the master) on the list for 15 seconds, then proceed to check for the second server on the list for 20 seconds. If it does not establish a connection, it will check for the third server for 20 seconds, and so on. Please note that there is some additional overhead which will affect the actual time it takes to fail over to another server.

IMPORTANT: The time value should not be set lower than 15 seconds, and this modification will need to be made on all Directory servers on the system.