What's new in the OPC Client plugin 3.1 - OPC Client 3.1

OPC Client Plugin Guide 3.1

OPC Client 3.1

With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The OPC Client plugin 3.1 includes the following new features and enhancements:
View OPC entity type information
After defining entity types and their property information in the XML type description file, you can view this information on the Extensions page of the plugin. While you create the CSV import file, refer to this page to see which entity types can be added in Security Center through the OPC Client plugin.
Connect to OPC servers in failover or redundancy mode
If the plugin is configured to connect to two OPC servers, you can choose to operate in failover mode or in redundancy mode.
View the progress and status of OPC entity enrollment
When you import OPC tags from a CSV file to create OPC entities, you can view the progress of the import, and which entities were undiscovered, added, or already added in Security Center.
Trigger alarms using the OPC Client rule engine
Create rules based on the state changes of OPC entity properties to trigger alarms in Security Center. You can configure these alarms to be automatically acknowledged when the property returns to its normal state.
Link cameras to OPC entities
You can link a camera to an OPC entity from the Plugins task, so that the video feed can be displayed when an event or alarm is triggered on that entity.
Monitor OPC entities from maps
Create a map and drag OPC entities onto it. Events and alarms associated with the OPC entities are displayed on the map.
Edit OPC entity information in Config Tool
Rename an OPC entity or its properties from the Plugins task.