Known issues in the OPC Client plugin 3.1 - OPC Client 3.1

OPC Client Plugin Guide 3.1

OPC Client 3.1

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

The OPC Client plugin 3.1 includes the following known issues.
Issue Description
1867639 When the OPC Client plugin is connected to an OPC UA server behind a DA Gateway, the OPC UA server is displayed as Connected in the plugin, even if the OPC DA server is offline.
1716766 The SNMP Manager plugin cannot be used with the OPC Client plugin.
1715564 Importing a large number of OPC tags (over 1000) might take a long time.
1715217 When two properties in the type description XML file have the same DisplayName, the plugin cannot be loaded.
Workaround: Make sure every property has a unique DisplayName.
1700819 After backing up and restoring the plugin database, cameras that were linked to OPC entities in Security Center are no longer linked.
1662594 If you federate a Security Center system that is running the OPC Client plugin, you cannot see the OPC entities from the Federation™ host.
976415 The OPC Client plugin 3.1 does not receive OPC UA events.