Reviewing OPC Client rule engine events in Security Desk - OPC Client 3.1

OPC Client Plugin Guide 3.1

OPC Client 3.1

Using the OPC event report task in Security Desk, you can generate a report on custom events triggered by state changes of OPC entity properties.


  1. From the Security Desk home page, open the OPC event report task.
  2. Set up the query filters for your report. Select one or more of the following filters:
    Select which OPC entities to investigate.
    Select the Security Center custom events that were triggered based on the rules you created for the imported OPC tags using the rule engine of the OPC Client plugin.
    Time range
    Define the time range for the query. The range can be defined for a specific period or for global units of time, such as the last day or the last week.
  3. Click Generate report.
    The events are listed in the report pane.

After you finish

You can print or export the report.