How the OPC Client plugin works with Security Center - OPC Client 3.1

OPC Client Plugin Guide 3.1

OPC Client 3.1

Using the OPC Client plugin, you can map OPC tags exposed by an OPC UA server to Security Center entities, and monitor data changes of the OPC tags associated with these entities in Security Center.

The OPC Client plugin hosts an OPC-compliant client, which means that Security Center becomes the OPC client application through the integration. When the OPC Client plugin role is connected to an OPC server, you can use a CSV file to import the OPC tags or objects from the external system into Security Center. These tags are mapped to OPC entities. Communication between Security Center and the OPC server is established through the OPC UA protocol.

NOTE: The OPC Client plugin 3.1 does not receive OPC UA events. It only receives data changes from items that are monitored by OPC.