Creating an XML type definition file - OPC Client 3.1

OPC Client Plugin Guide 3.1

OPC Client 3.1

Before you can import OPC tags from an OPC server into Security Center, you must define entity types for OPC entities to be imported. This is done through an XML file, which defines how OPC tags will be interpreted in Security Center.

What you should know

The type description file is an XML file that provides metadata from the external system that is imported into Security Center, so that entities can be created.
  • The XML file name must end with the extension .xml.
  • The XML format has been revised since version 3.0 of the OPC Client plugin. If you are using type definition files created for version 3.0, you must update them to be used with version 3.1.


  1. Using a text editor, open Template.xml.template, located in $\Program Files (x86)\Security Center Plugins\OPCClient\Extensions, and then save it under a new name.
  2. In the XML file, define your entity types.
  3. Save the XML file.