Merging entities using global keys - Card Synchronization 3.0

Card Synchronization Plugin Guide 3.0

Card Synchronization 3.0

To make sure no duplicate entities are created upon synchronization, or if duplicate entities already exist in Security Center, you can merge entities by configuring global keys.

What you should know

  • You can choose from the global key fields already listed in the configuration window, for example, unique ID, email, full name, and so on, or add other global key fields by creating custom fields in Security Center.
    NOTE: All custom fields are listed as global key fields in the configuration window.
  • The values from the external source always take precedence over existing values in Security Center, unless the value is NULL.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. In the Plugins task, select the Card Synchronization plugin role from the entity browser, and click the Properties tab.
  3. In the Data sources section, click Edit global keys beside the data source for which you want to configure global keys.
    NOTE: The button is only displayed when hovering over the area beside the data source in the Global keys column.

  4. In the window that opens, specify whether you want to Resolve data source relationships using global keys.
    NOTE: When the check box is selected, the plugin looks for values matching global keys to resolve relationships defined in the current data source.
  5. In the Global key fields section, select the fields you want the plugin to use to merge each entity type.
    In the following image, the custom field Phone number is selected as a global key field.

  6. Click Save and close, and then Apply.
  7. If a synchronization does not automatically occur, click Synchronize now.