Known issues in the Card Synchronization plugin 3.0 - Card Synchronization 3.0

Card Synchronization Plugin Guide 3.0

Card Synchronization 3.0

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

The Card Synchronization plugin 3.0 includes the following known issues:

Issue Description
1900727 On the Properties page of the plugin, if Manual synchronization only is set to ON, after you add or modify a data source, Status displays Fetching from data sources, even though no synchronization is in progress, and Last sync displays Not run, instead of the timestamp of the last synchronization.
1682289 When using global keys to merge entities, you are not notified when two entities from the same data source are merged.
1544917 If a cardholder picture fails to be imported while merging entities, you are not notified.
1423681 If an import fails and you receive the Synchronization failed. TransactionFailed warning, check the logs in Server Admin for more details.
1415308 When the unique ID of an entity is a Security Center GUID, warning and error messages display a link to the entity instead of displaying the GUID.
1285278 When you import a credential and the related cardholder is missing from the data source, the import succeeds. You are not notified that the credential is not linked.
1161608 Credentials that were assigned in Security Center to an imported cardholder become unassigned when the imported cardholder is merged with an existing cardholder in Security Center.