Modifying the status of imported cardholders - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.8

Security Center 5.8

You can modify the status and expiration date of an imported cardholder in Security Center. The cardholder becomes desynchronized from the AD.


  1. Open the Access control task.
  2. Select an imported cardholder (), and click the Properties tab.
  3. In the Status section, move the slider from Keep synchronized to Override.
  4. Set the cardholder’s status and expiration date:
    Set their status to Active or Inactive. For their credentials to work, and for them to have access to any area, their status must be Active.
    Displays the current date.
    Set an expiration for their profile:
    Never expires.
    Specific date
    Expires on a specific date and time.
    Set expiration on first use
    Expires a specified number of days after the first use.
    When not used
    Expires when it has not been used for a specified number of days.
  5. Click Apply.


The cardholder is no longer synchronized with the AD. It will only become synchronized again once you set the cardholder’s status to Keep synchronized.