Entities related to video surveillance - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.8

Security Center 5.8

The video surveillance system supports many of the entities in Security Center.

Icon Entity Description
Archiver (role) Controls the video units and manages the video archive.
Auxiliary Archiver (role) Supplements the video archive produced by the Archiver. It can archive any camera on the system.
Media Router (role) Manages the routing of all audio and video streams on the network.
Network Network (with specific streaming capabilities) that the Media Router takes into account while making routing decisions.
Server Server on your network. Used to host the roles needed on your system.
Area Logical grouping of cameras and camera sequences.
Analog monitor Represents a physical analog monitor connected to a video decoder.
Camera Single video source on the system. Might support audio.
Camera (PTZ enabled) PTZ camera (dome camera).
Camera sequence Prearranged order for the display of video sequences in a rotating fashion within a single tile in Security Desk.
Monitor group Group of analog monitors sharing common characteristics.
Schedule Date and time range, might support daytime and nighttime.
Video unit IP unit incorporating one or more video encoders.
Partition Group of entities on the system visible only to a group of users.
User Individual who uses Security Center applications.
User group Group of users sharing common characteristics.