Setting geographical locations of entities - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.8

Security Center 5.8

To calculate the rising and setting of the sun for video units, or to plot a map for LPR units, you can set the latitude and longitude of that entity.

What you should know

The geographical location (latitude, longitude) of an entity has two different uses:
  • The geographical location of video units is used to automatically calculate the time when the sun rises and sets on a given date. This is helpful if you want the system to only record video during the daytime (for cameras that are placed outside), or adjust the brightness of a camera based on the time of day.
  • The geographical location of fixed LPR units without a GPS receiver is used to plot the LPR events (reads and hits) associated with the LPR unit on the map in Security Desk.


  1. In the Location tab of an entity, click View on map.

    A map window appears.

  2. Navigate to the location of your entity on the map.

    You can click and drag to zoom in, zoom out, and pan.

  3. Click Select in the map window.

    The cursor changes to a cross.

  4. Click on the desired location on the map.

    A pushpin appears on the map.

  5. Click OK.


The latitude and longitude fields display the coordinates of the location you clicked on the map.