Modifying logical IDs - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.8

Security Center 5.8

If there are duplicate logical IDs, or you want to change an ID to a number that is easier to remember when using your keyboard shortcuts, you can modify the logical ID of an entity.


  1. Open the System task, click General settings view, and click the Logical ID page.
  2. From the Show logical ID for drop-down list, select the group to configure.
  3. If you have a large system, select the Hide unassigned logical IDs option to only show entities, public tasks, and workstations that have a logical ID.
  4. If there are still multiple pages, use the and buttons to scroll through the pages.
  5. Next to the entity, public task, or workstation you want to modify, type a new logical ID in the ID column.
  6. Click Apply.