Access rule - Properties tab - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.8

Security Center 5.8

This section lists the settings found in the Access rule Properties tab, in the Access control task.

In the Properties tab, you can link the 3 W’s for an access rule: the “Who”, “When” and “What”. For example, “All Employees”, “Office Hours”, and “Access Granted”.
Choose when this access rule is active.
(Only for temporary access rules) Activation date and time, or when the rule schedule starts to apply.
(Only for temporary access rules) Expiration date and time, or when the rule schedule stops to apply.
When the schedule is active
Select what the rule does (grant or deny access to cardholders) when it is active.
Cardholders affected by this rule
Select the cardholders and cardholder groups affected by this rule.