Unlocking a SALTO door or locker in Security Desk - SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

From the Monitoring task in Security Desk, you can manually unlock an online SALTO door or locker.

What you should know

  • Offline doors cannot be unlocked in Security Desk.
  • The duration for which the door is unlocked is defined by the standard open time setting in the Properties page of the entity.
  • To investigate each time the door was opened, you can generate a report from the Door Activity task.


  1. In Security Desk, open the Monitoring task.
  2. Drag the door or locker from the area view to a tile.
  3. In the SALTO door widget, click the Unlock button.


The door or locker is unlocked.