How the SALTO Virtual Network plugin works with Security Center - SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

The SALTO Virtual Network plugin uses the SALTO SHIP service to communicate with SALTO ProAccess SPACE.

SALTO ProAccess SPACE is an access control system that stores and distributes access data on credentials (keys). By integrating SALTO Virtual Network with Security Center, your security personnel can use Security Center to manage cardholders and credentials, monitor cardholder and door activity, and view the battery level of battery-powered door readers.

The following components comprise a SALTO Virtual Network integration in Security Center.

Offline access point
An OFFLINE access point is a battery-powered reader on a door. SALTO Virtual Network can be configured so that when a credential is presented to the reader, it sends a list of deleted cards and user access rights to the reader; and then the reader sends its battery status and a list of access events to the credential.
NOTE: The Security Desk Monitoring task shows current events, which are events that occurred within the last minute. Events on offline doors are saved in the database and can be viewed by generating a report.
Online access point
An ONLINE access point is a reader that connects to the building's IP network. SALTO Virtual Network can be configured so that when a credential is presented to the reader, it sends all of its user access events and the battery status of all doors visited to the reader; the reader sends the card's information to the SALTO SHIP server, and then updates the credential with a list of deleted credentials and user access rights.
SALTO server
The SALTO SHIP server hosts the following components:
  • SALTO ProAccess SPACE: a web-based access control management tool that you use to create the doors, lockers, and areas (SALTO zones) to be managed in Security Center.
  • SALTO SHIP, a web service developed by SALTO, is used to communicate with the plugin for Security Center.
  • The Genetecâ„¢ SALTO Virtual Network plugin defines the connection information for the SALTO SHIP server, synchronizes Security Center with SALTO, and provides the SALTO Virtual Network reports in Security Center. The plugin must be installed on every Security Center computer that will be used to generate SALTO Virtual Network reports and to synchronize with SALTO ProAccess SPACE.