What's new in SALTO Virtual Network plugin 3.1 - SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The SALTO Virtual Network plugin 3.1 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Two-way communication with SALTO server
You can now push cardholder credentials from Security Center to SALTO ProAccess SPACE. You can also send commands from Security Center to online SALTO doors and lockers, such as locking or unlocking a door, enabling lockdown mode, and more.
Synchronize PIN credential from Security Center to SALTO ProAccess SPACE
When you add a PIN to a cardholder credential in Security Center, it is pushed to the credential in SALTO ProAccess SPACE.
Support for the SALTO JustIN Mobile and JustIN mSVN applications
Cardholders can now use the Justin Mobile application, which enables them to unlock doors and lockers with their compatible smartphone. They can also use the Justin mSVN application to update the credentials on their physical access control card.
Unlock a SALTO door set to privacy mode
Cardholder credentials for SALTO now have an override privacy option. When this box is selected, cardholders can unlock a door that is set to privacy mode.
Unlock a SALTO door in lockdown mode
Cardholder credentials for SALTO now have an override lockdown mode. When this box is selected, cardholders can unlock a door that is in lockdown mode.
Configure SALTO doors in Security Center
You can now add and modify SALTO doors and lockers in Security Center.
Health and diagnostic management
You can now see the status and battery level of a SALTO door or locker in Security Center without generating a report from the Salto battery level task.
NOTE: The Access control health history report does not list events related to SALTO entities.
Support for office mode
SALTO doors can now be set to office mode, either manually or on a schedule.
Create event-to-actions based on SALTO events
You can create event-to-actions based on custom events that are pulled in from SALTO ProAccess SPACE into Security Center. This includes:
  • End of door left opened (Salto)
  • End of tamper (Salto)
  • Intrusion (Salto)
  • End of intrusion (Salto)
  • Low battery level (Salto)
Enable antipassback rules to SALTO entities
You can now apply antipassback rules to cardholders entering or leaving an area where there is a SALTO door.
Authorization code synchronization
You can assign three authorization codes to a cardholder profile. Authorization codes use a two-way synchronization, so they can be entered in either SALTO ProAccess SPACE or Security Center. If there are more than three access codes entered in SALTO ProAccess SPACE, only three will be pulled into Security Center.