Applying SALTO permissions to cardholder credentials - SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.1

SALTO Virtual Network 3.1

For cardholders to have specific access to doors and lockers, you must apply SALTO permissions to their credential.

Before you begin

Assign a key or mobile credential to the cardholder.


  1. In Config Tool or Security Desk, open the Cardholder management task.
  2. Double-click a cardholder profile.
  3. In the Salto section, select the SALTO permissions that you want to apply to the credentials.
  4. Enter the maximum period that the cardholder has to revalidate their credential at a SALTO reader.
    • In the Revalidation period field, enter a number.
    • From the Revalidation period's unit list, select Hours or Days.
  5. Enter the authorization codes associated to the cardholder.
    NOTE: Authorization codes are codes read by long distance readers. For example, the code on the parking sticker of a car that is scanned when entering a parking lot.
  6. Click Save and close.


The SALTO permissions are applied to the credential.