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Security Center 5.1

[KBA-00996] How to Find a Cardholder Using a Card or Card Number Search

This article explains how to search for a cardholder using a physical card or card number.


If a lost access card is found or its number is known, there are different ways to find out who it belongs to.

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Searching with a physical card

1. Using the Cardholder Management task in Security Desk:

a) Click the Home button, point to Access Control Operations, and click Cardholder Management

b) Click on the credential icon at the top of the cardholder list

c) The Cardholder search window appears

d) In the Cardholder search window, select a nearby door entity

e) Scan the card at the door

If the scanned card is assigned to a cardholder, the Cardholder search dialog box will close and the corresponding cardholder will be selected in the cardholder list.

If the scanned card is not assigned to a cardholder, the reason the card is rejected will be displayed in the Cardholder search dialog box. You can then proceed to scan another card, or click Cancel to stop the operation.

2. Using the Monitoring task in Security Desk

a) Click the Home button, point to Operation, and click Monitoring

b) Enter the name of the monitoring task

c) In the selector pane, select the Entities tab, and click on the plus sign

d) In the dialog box, select Logical view as the entity type and a door near you as entity to monitor

e) Click Add

f) Scan the card at the door

g) An access event should appear in the report pane, displaying the cardholder's name

Searching by card number

1. Using the Credential Configuration report in Security Desk:

a) Click on the Home button, point to Access control maintenance, and click Credential Configuration

b) Turn the Cardholders query filter Off so all cardholders are selected

c) Click Generate report

d) Click on the Report dropdown and choose Select columns

e) Make sure Cardholder and Credential code are enabled and click OK

f) Sort the report by card number by clicking on the credential code column

g) Look through the report to find the card number and the respective cardholder

2. Using the Credential search in Config Tool:

Typically, a credential will be named "CardholderName's credential" (e.g. Mike Walker's credential). The alternative is to assign the card number (sometimes printed on the face of the card) as the credential name. If a lost card is found, it can then be searched for quickly with this number as follows:

a) In the Config Tool Home menu, open the Access control task found under Administration

b) Select its Credentials tab

c) Enter the card number in the Credential search filter

d) Select the found credential

e) Select the Properties tab of the credential

f) Under Credential information you can now see who the Cardholder is for the credential