[KBA-01408] Door not unlocking when REX is triggered - Security Center 5.3

Security Center 5.3

[KBA-01408] Door not unlocking when REX is triggered

This article explains why a door might not unlock when a REX is triggered.


HID units configured to unlock a door on REX, are not unlocking when a REX input is triggered.


When an HID controller disconnects from the Access Manager, the Unlock on REX option becomes disabled on the configuration webpage of the unit.


Access the unit configuration page and select Unlock on REX as follows:

  1. Log on to the unit configuration page by entering the corresponding IP address in the Internet Explorer address bar.
  2. Click Supplemental Configuration.
  3. Click the corresponding icon for that unit:
    1. For Edge units, click the E400 icon.
    2. For V1000 units, click the V1000 icon that is addressed on the affected door.
    3. For V2000 units, click the V2000 icon.
  4. Change the Unlock on REX setting to Unlocks Door.