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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Axis 2421696 When using an Axis T8313 Control Board, the inner jog wheel only works when the video is paused, and the outer jog wheel only works when the video is in playback mode.
Axis 2371894 After restarting an Axis unit with a MPEG4 stream, default configurations are sent to the unit for that stream.
Workaround: Reset the custom values manually from the Video tab after reconnecting the device.
Axis 2370771 Axis units without video inputs do not receive Audio alarm events.
Bosch 2372191 Events generated by Bosch units running firmware 7.50 are not received in Security Desk.
SDK 2434489 Adding a WPFControl with a MediaPlayer object to a WinForm in Visual Studio Designer fails with a Could not load file or assembly to GenetecServerHost error.
SDK 2432594 Refreshing the Archiver's statistics using the SDK ActionManager process doesn’t refresh the statistics of the failover Archiver.
SDK 2387787 The AlarmManager.AcknowledgeAlarm(instanceIDs, AcknowledgementType.Ack) process fails with the error Unable to cast object of type 'Genetec.Synergis.Routables.Actions.NoneAction' to type 'Genetec.Synergis.Routables.Actions.AlarmAction'.
Video 2386849


Cameras stop recording to the Auxiliary Archiver when unavailable transmission channels or blocked internal processes are handled incorrectly.
Video 2434675 Video playback is unavailable from Archivers or Auxiliary Archivers linked to the Cloud Archives plugin.
IMPORTANT: You must download the necessary Cloud Archives plugin update from GTAP to get the fix.
Video 2431716 Archiver transfer tasks finish with a successful Completed status even if the transfer is incomplete.
Video 2431544 When federating to a system running Security Center 5.5 or earlier, the redirector process shows a continuous memory leak.
Video 2431220 When asking for a small dewarped zone in Security Desk, dewarping is not applied to the area selected with the zoom box.
Video 2431149 Archivers managing multiple cameras with multiple overlays might see the Archiver agent process experience a continuous memory leak leading to an Out of memory error.
Video 2429801 Dewarping PTZ zoom presets are not applied if the monitoring tile is not already in dewarping mode.
Video 2428537 When Generic Plus units are reconnected to your system, it causes the GenericVideoUnitControl32.exe process memory to continuously increase.
Video 2427493 Some cameras are unresponsive when encryption is enabled in the Archiver.
Video 2426566 When changing camera IP range configurations, either no units are discovered or units in the range of the previous configuration are discovered.
Video 2417823 When sending a Describe request for live video using the Media Gateway role, the response shows an empty Session name parameter.
Video 2416447 Images from units with ImmerVision lenses are only partially dewarped when using Genetec™ Video Player 5.8 or a DigitalZoomPreset created in Security Center 5.7 and earlier.
IMPORTANT: The Genetec™ Video Player fix must be downloaded from GTAP separately.
Video 2415541 After a system reboot, cameras added in HTTPS, using a certificate with the hostname set as a common name, do not reconnect.
Video 2398485 PTZ cameras show video stuttering when using the default value for the Jitter buffer delay setting.
Video 2386260 Cameras are displayed as offline after a failover recovery.
Video 2370864 Live view from Ioimage cameras displays as colored pixels in Monitoring tiles.